My girls love this site this is what we use  this site has great beginner projects to advance.

Mug rugs are the latest craze in fashionable kitchenware. Start your collection of mug rug patterns and quilted patterns today with this dainty Tea Time Mug Rug Tutorial. Never worry about unsightly coffee stains again!
Tea Time Mug Rug Tutorial

Tea Time Mug Rug Tutorial
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Project Type: Make a Project
Time to complete: In an evening
Sewn by: Machine




Grab an old tank top and a coordinating sheet. That’s all you need to make the adorable Walking on Sunshine Upcycled Dress. Make your own clothes and really show your personal style! You can even learn how to make a maxi dress using this free dress pattern. Maureen Wilson will lead you through each step in a video tutorial found at the bottom of this page.

Walking On Sunshine Upcycled Dress

  • Old tank top or tee shirt
  • Wide elastic (2-inch)
  • Old sheet, or other fabric of your choice
How To:

You’ll need three measurements:

  • Shoulder to waist. (Or, if this is a maternity dress, measure from shoulder to beneath bust-line.)
  • Waist circumference. (Or, if this is a maternity dress, under the bust-line.)
  • Waist to knee. (Or, if this is a maxi dress, waist to ankle.)
  1. We’ll start with the elastic. Cut the elastic 1/2 inch longer than your waist measurement. Serge or zig-zag stitch over the cut edge of one end.
  2. Then form a circle by overlapping the ends by 1/2 an inch. With the raw edge on top, zig-zag stitch the elastic loop together. Set aside.
  3. Next we’ll cut the skirt fabric. I’ve decided to double the fabric so a slip won’t be necessary. Multiply the waist measurement by 1.5, this is how wide your fabric will be. For the length, double the waist to knee measurement, so that we will have a lining.
  4. Then, cut this piece in half across the width, so that we can have two side seams.
  5. Fold the pieces in half widthwise, so that they are now the length of your waist-to-knee measurement. Lay the two pieces on top of each other, with the fold at bottom. Line up the edges and pin. Sew a 1/2 inch seam down the left and right sides.
  6. Serge or zig-zag stitch over the seam’s raw edge to prevent fraying. Do this on both the left and right sides. Then iron the skirt.
  7. With the skirt right-side out, top-stitch a 1/2 inch above the bottom fold to secure the layers and create a hem.
  8. Switch to a basting stitch, and sew along the top raw edges of the skirt with a 1/2-inch seam. Do not backstitch. Then pull the bottom thread to gather the fabric so that it is the same width as your elastic band.
  9. Slide the elastic band over the skirt’s top. They should overlap each other by about 1/2 inch, so pin the edge right below the line of basting stitches.
  10. Sew the bottom edge of the elastic in place with a 1/2 inch seam using a zig-zag stitch. This should secure the raw edges of the skirt’s top.
  11. Cut the top 1/2 inch longer than the shoulder-to-waist measurement.
  12. The shirt should be pretty close to the measurement of your waistband, so you can probably skip the basting stitch on this step and just pin it inside the elastic band, adjusting the fabric as you pin. The elastic and the shirt should overlap by half an inch. (Make sure that the side seams of the shirt line up with the side seams of the skirt.)
  13. Sew along the top edge of the elastic with a 1/2 inch seam using a zig-zag stitch, securing the raw edge of the shirt.


Denim Organizer

Denim OrganizerSew and embellish a denim organizer for your teen’s locker or bedroom. Use the pant legs of old jeans for this cute, recycling sewing project to keep your teen neat and organized.

Denim Gadget Case

Denim Gadget CaseTeens love gadgets, and what better way to protect them from scratches than with a denim gadget case? Make one for your teen’s ipod orcell phone out of an old pair of jeans with this free, easy sewing pattern.

Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag ChairUse this free printable sewing pattern to make a bean bag chair for your teen to use when watching TV, playing video games, or gossiping with his or her friends. This pattern includes a muslin lining for ease in filling.

Hanging Homework Tray

Hanging Homework TrayKeep your kids or yourself organized with this Hanging Homework Tray. It’s a clever but simple sewing project that hangs from any shelf. This is a great back to school sewing project that everyone can enjoy!

Pouf Pillow

Pouf PillowLearn how to sew a round pillow for your teen’s bedroom with this sewing tutorial. Your teen will love lounging with this pouf pillow and a good book, or gossiping with her friends surrounded by colorful throw pillows.

Scrappy Petal Tank

Scrappy Petal TankThe scrappy petal tank is a cute and trendy top for any teen, and best of all, it’ll use up all your scraps! Learn ways to make your own clothes with this woman’s shirt sewing pattern.

Cushion Couch

Cushion CouchTry these free printable sewing patterns for different sized cushions that you can put together to make a cushion couch. These make great seating areas for teens to relax or do homework on.

Stylish DIY iPad Case

Stylish DIY iPad CaseYou’re already on trend by owning your iPad, now protect it. The Stylish DIY iPad Case keeps your precious tablet safe without sacrificing its sleek look. No matter what kind of iPad you have this tutorial on how to make an iPad case can apply to any model. Choose a print that you want to tote around all day with you and use on this tutorial. Because of the tiny size you can also use this project as an opportunity to clean out that fabric stash.

Stars and Stripes Locker Pocket

Stars and Stripes Locker PocketThe stars and stripes locker pocket is for the well-organized teen and it’s also a great way to show your patriotism. Use this easy beginner sewing project to make your own and hang it in a locker.

Sex and the City Shoes

Sex and the City ShoesUse this innovative and really easy sewing project to update your plain shoes into Sex and the City shoes. All it takes is a few ruffles and some serious attitude.

35 Free Clothing Sewing Patterns for Girls

19 Free Clothing Sewing Patterns for GirlsWe’ve found quality free clothing sewing patterns for girls that we think you’ll love. The 35 Free Clothing Sewing Patterns for Girls you’ll find in this collection are comfy and stylish so your little girl can play and learn in a wonderful handmade wardrobe.

How to Make A Tutu Dress

How to Make A Tutu DressIf you have a little dancer in your life, you absolute have to get started on this How to Make a Tutu Dress tutorial. Any pretty little princess will feel absolutely royal when she slips on this adorable little tutu dress. Crafted from pink tulle and a t-shirt, this little dress will keep moms and tots happy for days to come. Little girls will love dancing around and moms will love the fact that this dress slips on simply. Plus, the length is much more sensible than pretend tutus.

Scrappy Leggings Patterns

Scrappy Leggings PatternsWhen you see how cute these pants look on your little girl, you’ll be glad you took the time to learn how to sew leggings. The Scrappy Leggings Pattern offers a cost-friendly solution to clothing your child. Design your own leggings using this tutorial and an extra shirt from your wardrobe. The stretch knit that makes up this piece creates a comfortable, playtime pair of pants that your little one will absolutely love to wear.

Make a Bedside Organizer

Make a Bedside OrganizerMake a bedside organizer and leave your nightstand uncluttered with books and magazines. Here’s an easy sewing project that offers a stylish solution to an untidy children’s bedroom. Keep books, a flashlight or even a sippy cup just a reach away.

Tulip Blouse

Tulip BlouseIt’s easy to learn how to sew a shirt with this Tulip Blouse pattern. This easy sewing project has a shirred waistband and comfy, wide sleeves. Your little girl will look adorable in this DIY blouse.

Rose Petal Dress

Rose Petal DressLearn how to make clothing with materials from the dollar store. Sewingbaby clothes and sewing for kids is easy with this Rose Petal Dress. This adorable outfit is totally darling and will barely cost you a penny. Add rose petals to a T-shirt to get this cute look. Best of all, this sewing pattern doesn’t take long to make and only requires a few simple steps. No little girl should be without a precious dress that makes them feel like a flower.

Paperdoll Skirt

Paperdoll SkirtRemember when you used to make paper doll chains? This adorable Paperdoll Skirt is an easy sewing project modeled after that classic paper craft. This skirt sewing tutorial shows you how to make a skirt and the paperdoll chain applique.

The Elsa Dress

The Elsa DressThe Elsa Dress will undoubtedly be a huge hit if the recipient loves the movie that inspired it. Learn how to make a dress for girls who are giant Disney fans by following this easy tutorial. With a simple circle skirt for the lower half and a basic bodice, you’ll find that this design is an easy dress to make. Enjoy the gems that adorn the bodice and waistline of this dress, as well as thegorgeous tulle that acts as shoulder straps.

Easy 15 Minute Apron

Easy 15 Minute ApronIf you have 15 minutes to spare, you can make the Easy 15 Minute Apron. This apron, from start to finish, is only 5 short steps. You can go from heap of fabric to cute apron in no time. Pick any fabric for a fantastic and customized look. This tutorial includes information on the correct places to measure to ensure the best fit for your apron. This is the perfect quick project to make so you can protect your clothes as you cook.

Easy Ruffle Apron

Easy Ruffle ApronStart cooking in style with this Easy Ruffle Apron! This vintage-inspired apron tutorial will show you how to quickly make this full apron. This cute apron is lined with a ruffle hem and has a handy pocket. After all, no apron is really complete without a handy pocket, and no apron is cuter than one with a ruffle trim. With retro fabrics and a vintage flair, you will have an adorable and practical new apron to wear every time you cook.

Baking Outside the Box Apron Tutorial

Baking Outside the Box Apron TutorialWith the Baking Outside the Box Apron Tutorial, you can sew apron patterns for kids in three sizes. Outfit your little chefs for a great time in the kitchen or the art studio that won’t leave their clothes messy.

Adjustable Kitchen Apron

Adjustable Kitchen ApronThere’s no need for multiple aprons when you can make one that serves every chef in your house. Sew an Adjustable Kitchen Apron that you and your husband can share. This tutorial will show you how to make an apron with a front pocket that can hold your utensils as you walk around your kitchen. Because the apron size can be adjusted, it’s a budget-friendly way to keep your clothes clean while you cook. Sewing aprons doesn’t have to be a pain. Check out the free easy sewing tutorial to see how it’s done.

Simple Vintage Apron

Simple Vintage ApronFor a look that says chic and sweet, use this apron sewing pattern to make a Simple Vintage Apron. See how to make an apron that looks just like what was worn in the 40s and 50s with your favorite materials and patterns. This vintage apron pattern will make a great gift for any lovers of old fashioned looks and cooking, or you could make it for yourself to add an extra touch of classic style to your kitchen wardrobe.

6-for-1 Princess Apron Tutorial

6-for-1 Princess Apron TutorialMake your little girl’s fairy tale wishes come true by getting out your sewing materials. This 6-for-1 Princess Apron Tutorial is just what you need to dress up your daughter to look like all her favorite Disney princesses. Print out the provided pattern to make cutting the fabric as simple as possible, then follow along with the tutorial to learn how to make an apron your daughter will love. These Disney costume ideas are far more budget-friendly than any retail costume you could buy from the store. You could sew just one princess apron or all six.

How to Sew Aprons: 27 Free Patterns for Aprons

How to Sew Aprons 27 Free Patterns for ApronsAny cook, baker, or crafter knows what it’s like to get so wrapped up in a project that you don’t even realize the mess you’re making — even if the mess is all over you. Spills happen, slips of hand happen. While you know it’s an inevitability that, on occasion, your crafting can get a little messy, it’s easy to keep the mess of you and your fabulous outfit. These free patterns for aprons are perfect for men and women of all ages. Learn How to Sew Aprons with 27 Free Patterns for Aprons.

Adult Bib Apron

Adult Bib ApronLearn how to make an apron that’s great for adults. For potentially messy meals, the Adult Bib Apron is a useful free sewing apron. With a basic neck shape and long draping, this apron will protect an entire outfit.

Beginner’s Vintage Apron

Beginners Vintage ApronNo kitchen is complete without an apron hanging up somewhere. Make this Beginner’s Vintage Apron yours with this easy-to-follow tutorial! As cute homemade aprons go, you won’t find a better free sewing pattern than this one. The applique on this apron is incredibly easy and adds a classic, old-fashioned look to the simple design. Sometimes understated is best, and that’s definitely the case here. This apron is gorgeous, cheap, and perfect for sewists who need some practice before setting out to make a whole new wardrobe.

Apron with Pocket

Apron with PocketYou can look as good as the food you’re cooking. Try free sewing apron patterns like the Apron with Pocket tutorial to cook in style. This easy sewing project is simple and quick to produce. Choose your own fabrics to make this custom product that will keep the rest of your clothes clean while you prepare a meal. Learn how to make an apron with a pocket for storage so you can carry your phone or recipe while you’re walking back and forth for ingredients. You’ll love how simple this sewing tutorial is.

30 Minute 4 Seam Caftan

30 Minute 4 Seam CaftanWant to make a unique, flowing maxi dress? Within a half hour you can create this 30 Minute 4 Seam Caftan. Whether you’re a mom on the go or getting ready for a night out, this free long dress patterns delivers a dress that’s great for several occasions.

Figure Flattering Free Dress Pattern in Peplum

Figure Flattering Free Dress Pattern in PeplumA lot of ladies feel self-conscious over certain areas of their bodies, that’s why the Figure Flattering Free Dress Pattern in Peplum is such a great sewing project. Thanks to this dress tutorial, sewing a piece that works with typically troublesome spots like your mid-area is easy. Take advantage of the flouncy peplum accent to accentuate your finest features and optimize your self-esteem. Free dress patterns for women have never been so cute or rewarding.

Versatile Little Black Dress

Versatile Little Black DressThere’s nothing more classic than the LBD. Make the Versatile Little Black Dress and you can rest assured that your outfit will stand out in the crowd. These instructions on how to sew a dress including step-by-step direction. Follow the pattern and you’ll learn how to sew a dress that’s simple and special. Wear it out for a night on the town or dress it down for a work appropriate ensemble. Show up to your next event in this little black dress and you’ll feel confident and lovely.

Colorblock T-Shirt Dress

Colorblock TShirt DressAdd some pop of color to your wardrobe with this Colorblock T-Shirt Dress. Refashion old t-shirts in to this stylish yet simple dress pattern. This DIY t-shirt dress only takes 45 minutes to make!

Vintage Heirloom Dress

Vintage Heirloom DressLearn how to make a dress for girls that will be passed down for years to come. You can learn how to make clothing for your little baby with this Vintage Heirloom Dress. Inspired from vintage designs and fabric, this piece includes a tiny bodice embellished with buttons and a cute collar. The instructions provide photos so that your sewing experience is as easy as possible. Pass this dress on to create your own legacy.

Vintage Sheet to Maxi Dress

Vintage Sheet to Maxi DressShow up to your next event in a trendy maxi dress. Make the Vintage Sheet to Maxi dress using these free dress patterns. You can achieve both the vintage and the modern look in one dress this season!

The New Woman’s Flapper Dress

The New Womans Flapper DressIf you want to enter a new, personal, fashion era, make The New Woman’s Flapper Dress. Chic and cutting edge, you can sew an easy dress that completely revitalizes your wardrobe. Flouncy tiers on this DIY dress add extra movement, while stylish straps reveal just the right amount of skin. Take some time to create a dress from scraps that will make you feel like a new woman. Every time you don this homemade dress, you’ll fearlessly express your style, personality, and sewing skills.

Fit for Pemberley Dress

Fit for Pemberley DressWhat is it about the Fit for Pemberley Dress that makes it so romantic? It could be the tri-layer skirt or empire waist that this DIY dress sports. Inspired by J.Crew, this homemade dress maintains all the sophistication of professional design without the heavy price tag. You’ll be surprised that you can sew an easy dress that looks like it came straight from the tailor. It may be fit for a grand estate, but the cost of this DIY dress will make you happier than any high-end piece.

Coral Dress

Coral DressCan you believe this adorable dress can be made with a $3 top and some cotton knit fabric? The Coral Dress is stylish and flattering for all body types. Perhaps one of the greatest drawbacks of wearing a dress is a lack of pockets. This dress, however, has giant awesome pockets that will fit anything you can think of! Get ready for spring by sewing a stylish new outfit for the warm weather. For instructions on how to sew a dress check out this pattern.

A Gathered Dress

A Gathered DressIt’s hard not to feel beautiful in this lovely handmade dress. Make A Gathered Dress when you are first learning how to sew a dress. This pattern is so easy and so fun. The dress style is flirty and it looks good on any body type. Mix and match different fabric colors and patterns to get your favorite look. Simple dress patterns like this one are fun and rewarding you’ll end up with a wardrobe favorite!

Femme Fatale Cocktail Dress

Femme Fatale Cocktail DressYou’ll bring the party to a grinding halt in this gorgeous Femme Fatale Cocktail Dress. This DIY dress is absurdly easy and quick to make, but looks absolutely phenomenal once it’s finished. If you’re a beginner sewist just starting to learn how to make your own clothes, this is the perfect project for you. The end result is so elegant and understated. It has a nice length and a wonderful striped detail at the ribcage that really pulls the whole thing together. This dress will become your cocktail party go-to!

Draped Maxi Dress

Draped Maxi DressLook like a Grecian goddess in this elegant Draped Maxi Dress. This DIY maxi dress has beautiful draping and requires minimal sewing. This one shoulder, formal maxi dress is a gorgeous sewing project.

Lace Dress

Lace DressTurn heads in this beautiful Lace Dress. This free dress pattern features a gathered skirt with a yoke bodice and a ruffle collar. This DIY lace dress is a romantic, feminine outfit you’ll love.

20 Ideas for How To Make Maternity Clothes

20 Ideas for How To Make Maternity ClothesDo you know a lucky lady who’s pregnant? If you’re the pregnant one, congratulations! With these 20 ideas, you can learn how to make maternity clothes in no time.

Lace Trimmed Maternity Belly Bands

No one said maternity clothes couldn’t be fun! Embellish your clothing with the Lace Trimmed Maternity Belly Bands. Make them in different colors and they’ll become your go-to accessory for both style and comfort.

Maternity Maxi Dress

Maternity Maxi DressMaternity clothes don’t have to be a bore. Learn how to make clothes like the Maternity Maxi Dress by following this DIY maxi dress tutorial. Cute sewing projects like this will let you experience pregnancy in style. The lace accent adds an elegant touch to this fashionable ensemble. The pattern also works for women who aren’t pregnant. After you follow these instructions on how to sew a dress, you’ll love showing off your handiwork. You can even teach your friends how to make their own dresses. This free long dress pattern will impress everyone you show.

Washable and Reusable Nursing Pads

Washable and Reusable Nursing PadsThese Washable and Reusable Nursing Pads are so easy to make, yournewborn could do it! Don’t waste money on expensive disposable nursing pads that itch and irritate. Nursing can be uncomfortable enough as it is. Make your life a little easier (and cuter!) with these fun homemade nursing pads. All you need is a soft, absorbent fabric for the bottom layer and a top fabric of your choice to give the pad some structure and decorative flair. There’s no reason your nursing pads shouldn’t be as fabulous as you are!

Make Mommy Happy 30 Minute Dress

Who wouldn’t want to own the Make Mommy Happy 30 Minute Dress? It will make you happy and quick! Put your refashioning cap on and shop your closet for your materials. You already have everything you need to make this cute dress.

How To Add Maternity Band to Jeans

Once you know how to add maternity band to jeans, you’re on your way to a more comfortable pregnancy. You can wear these comfy jeans wherever your sweats don’t make the cut. Make trendy maternity clothes and you can still look fashionable!

Maternity Wrap Skirt

Believe it or not, this is a garment you can wear throughout different stages of your pregnancy. The Maternity Wrap Skirt is great for now and with a small edit, great for later. Learn how to make maternity clothes with this tutorial.

Easy Maternity Jeans

Easy Maternity JeansJeans that accommodate your baby bump are just a few snips and stitches away. You can make Easy Maternity Jeans that will be comfy to wear without spending any money. Grab a pair of jeans you already have and a t-shirt you no longer wear. Use this easy sewing tutorial to learn how to make maternity clothes that are stylish and low-budget. This project is perfect for people who are looking for ways to reuse clothes. Bring your little one into the world with these soon-to-be-a-mom jeans.

Maternity Empire Skirt

Maternity Empire SkirtClothes shopping gets progressively harder the further along you are in your pregnancy. Save yourself the headache with this Maternity Empire Skirt! Easy DIY maternity clothes are hard to come by, but this free skirt pattern will definitely do the trick. This skirt is stylish, fun, and so easy to sew. It’s the perfect way to occupy a free afternoon or evening. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel fabulous and beautiful, just because you’ve got an extra passenger! Make this gorgeous Maternity Empire Skirt for yourself or for the expectant mother in your life.

Mommy’s Favorite Maternity Shirt

Mommys Favorite Maternity ShirtThis DIY maternity tutorial is perfect for making a regular long shirt into what will soon be Mommy’s Favorite Maternity Shirt. Just add some elastic bands to the outside of a regular long shirt and adjust it as the baby grows over the course of the pregnancy. Pregnant fashion is a huge concern of soon-to-be mothers, and this homemade shirt will put their worries at ease. Do-it-yourself clothing is fun and simple, so don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to make maternity clothes.

Pioneer Shirt

Pioneer ShirtAdd a vintage look to a man’s shirt with ease. Try making a Pioneer Shirt following this free, easy sewing pattern to make a man a costume he will love. A simple sewing project like this one can quickly transform an outfit. The same top purchased from a store can be expensive, but you can design and make your own clothes using shirts that are already around the house to save a few dollars. Follow this sewing tutorial and you’ll see how fun wardrobe refashioning can be.

Boxer Shorts

Boxer ShortsThese Boxer Shorts are super comfortable and are a great gift for Dad. They also make great pajama pants for women. Learn how to make boxers with this easy sewing pattern.

Men’s Fleece Hoodie

Making a men’s fleece hoodie is actually easier than it sounds, especially when you’re armed with this free sewing pattern for men. Make one for your man in his favorite color and he’ll love you forever (or at least he’ll love the hoodie forever).

9 Simple Sewing Projects for Men: Father’s Day Gifts + 6 New Ideas

9 Simple Sewing Projects for Men Fathers Day GiftsSimple sewing projects for men arent always easy to come by but weve gathered a bunch for you in this collection. They make great gifts forfathers day but can also serve as sewn gift ideas for any time of year!

Men’s Wallet

If you’re looking for something to give dad for Father’s Day, check out the Men’s Wallet project. Sewing for men is tricky but every man carries a wallet so you know this craft will be useful. Take a few of his favorite shirts and refashion them into a wallet.

iPad Cross Body Sleeve for Dad

iPad Cross Body Sleeve for DadDad deserves special gifts no matter what the time of year. The iPad Cross Body Sleeve for Dad is a simple project that he can use to easily transport his favorite gadget. An ipad notebook cover like this makes for a great gift for dad.

Father and Son Ties

Sew matching father and son ties for the men in your life using this free sewing craft pattern. This sewing tutorial even shows you how to draft your own tie pattern.

DIY Wallet

DIY WalletIs your old wallet falling apart at the seams? Check out this DIY Wallet sewing pattern! It ‘s a great gift for dad or graduation present. Learn how to make a wallet that will stand the test of time in this tutorial.

The Boxy Dopp Kit

The man in your life needs sewn goods too. Make the Boxy Dopp Kit for his belongings when traveling. Guys are hard to shop for, make this project for him instead. It’s an easy and usable craft.

Boy Boxer Briefs

No need to throw out those old shirts! Turn them into Boy Boxer Briefs. This cute sewing project is a great way to reuse old clothes and save keepsakes.

Super Speedy Suspenders

Super Speedy SuspendersYou can add a little pizazz to your man’s outfit in a snap. These Super Speedy Suspenders can be made in less than ten minutes. This is a great sewing project for beginners who are looking to make crafts for men. DIY suspenders are simple to produce and take very few materials. There’s no need to buy retail merchandise when you can make your own for less money. Follow the sewing tutorial to learn how to make suspenders that you and your husband will love. You might even want to try this craft in a few different colors.

Father’s Day Tie

Make a Father’s Day tie with this sewing pattern for men. Homemade gifts mean so much more than store bought, so try this free, easy sewing pattern today!

Basic Boy’s Wallet

Basic Boys WalletFrom strong patterns and fabrics like plaid or tweed you can make this Basic Boy’s Wallet. This is an easy tutorial on how to make a wallet that is fit for a boy. It offers excellent suggestions on color schemes so that you don’t mistakenly overwhelm your boy with flowers and paisley. Carefully go through the materials list before beginning to ensure an enjoyable wallet sewing experience. You can take this lesson in making a sturdy wallet to future projects.

Hoodie Vest

Hoodie VestTry your hand at sewing for men and boys with this free, easy sewing pattern for a hoodie vest. Your man can wear it to the gym or when watching the game.

The Boy Vest

The Boy VestMake a vest for your special guy that looks super fly. The Boy Vest is a great tutorial if you want to make clothes but need detailed instructions. On top of the general shape of the vest, the instructions also include directions on adding an embellishment with felt diamonds to give an argyle effect. This is an excellent craft for a beginner seamstress. The DIY vest makes for a great, quick idea when you’ve run out of ideas for boys.

Vintage Gun Sleeve

Vintage Gun SleeveGive your favorite hunter a gift he will love to show his buddies. You can make him a Vintage Gun Sleeve by following this easy sewing tutorial. Fabric sleeves for guns don’t have to be boring. Ditch the store-bought goods and try making a rifle sleeve that is personalized and customized. The canvas gives the sleeve a vintage look that will draw a ton of attention. This budget-friendly project is easy to put together. If you’re looking for a simple sewing project you can give as a gift, this is a great place to start.

Club Jacket

Make a club jacket for your husband or son with this free sewing pattern for men. This wind breaker is great for outdoor activities and it features stylish color blocking.

Tie Notebook and Pen Holder

Tie Notebook and Pen HolderGive dad the gift of organization this Father’s Day with the Tie Notebook and Pen Holder. Made from an old tie, this will look great in anyone’s office. It’s a great sewn gift idea!

Gentleman’s iPhone Case

Gentlemans iPhone CaseIf you’re looking to make homemade gifts for him, consider this Gentleman’s iPhone Case. This sturdy iPhone DIY case is made from your choice of either felt or leather. It’s constructed to keep the phone safe and snug with the help of a thick thread. Easy homemade gifts are always a treat for the maker and the beneficiary, and this project is no exception. This is a great homemade gift that will protect one of his most valued possessions.

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