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Alice's adventures in Wonderland




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Iguanas in the snow and other winter poems = Iguanas en la nieve y otros poemas de invierno

I spy: A book of picture riddles

Insect soup

Rikki-tikki-tavi cover

Rikki-tikki-tavi cover





Maurice Sendak's 'Where The Wild Things Are' book cover



online-exhibits Women History.

Meet the Masters
Virtual Art Student –
Free Online Art Classes –
The Virtual Instructor –
Pencil Drawing Lessons –
Modern Teachers –
Drawing Lessons –
Garden of Praise Art Appreciation –
Jan Brett How to Draw –
Artists Helping Children – Cultural Institute –

Bible History Online –
A Century 21 Disciple of Jesus –
Hymn Study –
Cross TV –
Foundations Bible Study –
The Truth About Man –
One True God –
Fruit of the Spirit

BOOKS/READING (see also Literature)
Kids 4 Classics –
Project Gutenberg –
Online Library of Liberty –
Google Books –
Baldwin Online Children’s Literature Project –
Planet eBook –
Amazon Kindle –
19th Century Schoolbooks –
Read Print –
19th Century Girls’ Series –
Books by State –

LibriVox –
Storynory –
Books Should Be Free –
Light Up Your Brain –
My Audio School –




CHRISTMAS UNIT STUDIES (see also Unit Studies)
Symbols of Christmas Unit Study –
Christmas Carols –

CIVICS/GOVERNMENT (see also History and Geography)
iCivics –
Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids –
Good Citizen –
CryptoKids –

Lessons Worth Learning –
Alabama Writing Tutor –
Hope Online Learning –
Coursera –
Leadership For You (social studies and English) – http://www.leadershipforyou.netAP Economics –
Literature and Composition –
Speech and Debate –

CLEP TESTING (See Tests/Testing)

COLLEGE (See High School & College)


Alice Computer Programming Software (elementary through high school) – –
Learning HTML for Kids –
A Beginner’s Guide to HTML – Online Courses –
Blender –
Computer Training Courses –
Computer Animating and Design –
Free Computer Books –
Own Your Own Space –
Code Academy –!/exercises/0
W3 Schools –
Computer Science Unplugged –
Scratch –

COOKING (See Home Economics)

TIME for Kids –
NY TIMES Learning Network –
Bella Online News for Kids –
Mapeas –
PBS NewsHour Extra –
Student News Net –
Student News Daily –
Channel One –
Scholastic News Daily –
CNN Student News –

Christian Book Distributors (CBD) –
Homeschooling Books –

CURRICULUM, USED (to buy/sell/trade)
Used Homeschool Curriculum –
VegSource –
Homeschool Classifieds –
The Swap –
eBay –
Curriculum Share –

(See also individual subjects)
Ambleside Online –
Khan Academy –
Ron Paul Curriculum (free for grades 1-5) –
Old Fashioned Education –
The Puritan’s Home School Curriculum –
Lesson Pathways (free registration required) –
NCERT (from India) –
Baltimore Curriculum Project –
Head of the Class (free registration required) –
Homeschool College USA (high school only) –
Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool –
Khan Academy –

Charlotte Mason Schedules –
Simply Charlotte Mason –
Tanglewood Education –
Mater Amabilis (a Charlotte Mason style curriculum for Catholics) –

Driver’s Ed Guru – –
Virtual Drive of America –
Driver Ed in a Box –
National Driver Training Institute – or

Lesson Library –
Primary Leap –

ESSAYS (See Writing)

Field Trip Factory –

Take a Field Trip –
Meet Me at the Corner –
National Zoo Webcams –
Sportsman’s Paradise Live Wildlife Cams –
Web Exhibits –
4-H Virtual Farm –
Top Ten Earth Cams –
Tramline Virtual Field Trips –
Global Online Adventure Learning –

FLAT TRAVEL – Flat Travelers Homeschool, based on the book “Flat Stanley.” Great way to meet other homeschoolers around the world!

FOREIGN LANGUAGE (see also Sign Language)
BBC Languages –
Greek and Latin –
Headventure Land (Greek, Latin, Spanish) –
Instant Replay Language (Dutch, French, Spanish) –
Hebrew for Christians –
Study Spanish (sounds of letters, vocabulary) –
Spanish Programs (limited free lessons, extra lessons free if you become a member) –
French-Spanish-Italian printables

GAMES (online educational) – young kids – young kids – young kids – young kids – young kids – young kids – older kids – older kids

GEOGRAPHY (See also History)
Countries and Cultures of the World –
Sheppard Software Geography Games –
Discover America –
Outline Maps –
Animated Atlas –
Pearson Map Bank –
Homeschool Creations Geography –
Global Mania –
Historical World Atlas –
Peace Corps Lesson Plans –
Rainbow Kids Cultures –
National Geographic –
Maps Unit Study –
Map Adventures –
Flags and Anthems –
State Capitals Game –

GOVERNMENT (See Civics or History)

Guide to Grammar and Writing –
Daily Grammar –
Harvey’s Grammar –
English Banana Elementary Workbook –
English Banana Grammar Book –
Scott Foresman –
Daily Grammar –
KISS Grammar –
Road to Grammar –
English Grammar 101 –
Intermediate Language Lessons Book 2 –
Sheldon’s Primary Language Lessons –
Glencoe –
Serendipity –

HANDWRITING (See Penmanship)

P.E. Central –
Nutrition Exploration –
El Paso Collaborative Health Literacy Curriculum-
Kids Health –
Simply Charlotte Mason’s Swedish Drill Teacher –
Circus Fit –
Disney Channel’s Pass the Plate –
Learn To Be Healthy –
Kidnetic –
Wise Health Kids –
BAM! Body and Mind –
America on the Move –
Spark Teens –
The President’s Challenge –
Tandalay –

Scholarship Help –
HippoCampus –
Various Courses in Different Subjects –
Printable Courses –
University of California at Berkeley Courses –
Yale University Open Courses –
University of Washington Free Courses –
MIT Open Courseware –
Brigham Young Univeristy Independent Study Courses –
Sophia –
Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative –
College Board –
Colleges that admit homeschoolers –
The Complete Guide to Financing College and Admissions –
Preparing for college –
Online College Degree Help –
HSLDA’s Homeschooling Through High School –
GED course (free online 2-year course) –
Preparing for college –

HISTORY/SOCIAL STUDIES (see also Civics/Government)
World History for Kids –
American Heritage –
Pronto Lessons –
Little City Kids –
Mosaic Intro to World History –
Stanford History Education Group –
Ancient History for Homeschool –
World History for Us All –
Serendipity –
American History 1 –
American History 2 –
Ancient Mesopotamia –
Alma Project –
Digital History –
U.S. History –
Story of the World Vol. 1 Workbook Pages
National Archives Teaching with Documents –
Edsitement –
Schmoop Study Guides –
EyeWitness to History –
A&E Classroom (lesson plans to go with all programs) –
Voices from history –
Enchanted Learning –
History News Network –
Creative Park by Canon (free designs and directions for making animals, globes, native costumes, and famous buildings) –
Colonial American History –
American History –
Costumes and historical clothing –
Studies Weekly (periodicals) –
Kids of Courage (from Voice of the Martyrs) –

Spatulatta: Cooking 4 Kids Online –
Kids Cooking Lessons –
Kids Sewing Projects (curriculum on left) –
Fly Lady –
Managers of Their Homes by Steve and Teri Maxwell –

LANGUAGE ARTS (See also Grammar, Writing and Spelling)
Creative Writing –
The Write Source –
Pocket Basics (parts of speech and tongue twisters) –

LAPBOOKING (See Notebooking or Unit Studies)

LITERATURE STUDY GUIDES AND UNITS (see also Books/Reading and Writing)
Novel Study Guides –
Reading Units –
Garden of Praise –
Classical House of Learning –
Spark Notes –
Schmoop Study Guides –
Bartleby (literature online) –
Reading Activities and Projects –
Simple Literature –
Grade Saver –
Penguin Active Reading –
Paula’s Archives (literature to supplement history arranged by time period) –
Free Book Notes –
Guidelines for Reading and Analyzing Literature –
Basic Steps in Writing a Literature Paper –
The Narnia Academy (two free 20-lesson courses on first two books) –
Book Adventure –
Christian Home School Hub –

Comprehensive School Mathematics Program –
Khan Academy –
SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator –
Math Magician –
Xtra Math (to master basic math facts) –
Math Fact Cafe –
Math-U-See Drills –
The Math Worksheet Site –
Education Unboxed –
Living Math History –
Glencoe –
U.S. Mint –
GeoGebra –
Free Math Worksheets –
Fun Math Lessons –
Math Moves U –
Learn with Math Games –
Math Facts Practice –
Cool Math –
Math Trainer –
Kids Numbers –
Multiplication Workbooks –
Cool Math Games –
Xtra Math –
I Love Math –;Itemid=1
Natural Math –
Homeschool Math –
Adapted Mind –
Times Table Tricks –

MOVIES (see also Videos)
Teach With Movies –
At the Movies (and history thru nursery rhymes) –

Harmony Fine Arts Music Appreciation –
Music Theory –
Music in Our World –
Piano Nanny –
MusIQ Homeschool –
Guitar –

Free Homeschooling Unit Studies –
Notebooking Fairy –
Dynamic 2 Moms –
Homeschool Share –
Lapbook Lessons –
Notebooking Nook –
Hold That Thought (notebooking pages) –

ONLINE CLASSES (See Classes Online and High School & College)

Handwriting Worksheet Maker –
Tracer Pages –
ZB Online –
Writing Wizard –
Custom Tracer Pages –
The Palmer Method
Worksheet Works –
Handwriting Worksheets –
Bogart Family Resource –
Manuscript Copywork –
Cursive Copywork –
Manuscript Copywork –
Guest Hollow –

P.E. (See Health)

Starfall –
Sadlier Phonics –
Progressive Phonics –
Fun Fonix –
Free Reading –
McGuffey’s First Reader –
Along the Alphabet Path –
The Phonics Page –
Homeschool Reading –

Photography curriculum guide –

PIANO (See Music)

PORTFOLIO (See Recordkeeping)

PRESCHOOL (see also Games, Penmanship, Phonics, etc.)
Brightly Beaming Resources –
Hubbard’s Cupboard –
Rimes and Rhymes –
Jan Brett’s Activity Pages –
Making Learning Fun –
Classical K4 –
Homeschool Creations –
123 Kindergarten –
Enchanted Learning – – worksheets, maps, etc. – learning games – learning games – learning games

Make your own word searches, crossword puzzles and other puzzles –

READING (See Books, Literature)

Free forms for all grades –
Education World templates –
Tips and free forms –
Portfolio –
Transcript instructions –
Transcript tips –
Transcript instructions and forms –
Resources for creating transcripts –
Homeschool Reporting Online –

SAT TEST (See Test/Testing)

Free 36-week elementary science curriculum –
The Happy Scientist –
Oceanography –;products_id=243
Free 45-minute Seminars –
Periodic Table in videos –
Smart Science Online (science labs online) –
NASA (lesson plans K-12) –
Zoom from PBS Kids –
Kid’s Astronomy –
Net Frog (dissect a frog online) –
The Electronic Naturalist (free weekly environmental education units) –
Enchanted Learning –
PBS (more than 3,500 free lesson plans and activities, broken down by grade, for arts, literature, health, math, science and social studies) –
GigglePotz –
The Teacher Channel at – – Model of the solar system –
Doing Science: An Intro to Physical Science –
Standard Deviants (videos and workbooks) –
TMW Media group (videos) –
Young Scientists Club –
Paper Plate Education (using paper plates to make models) –
Brain Pop (cartoon videos and activities through elementary ages) –
Home Science Tools –
PBS/Nova –
Health –
Chemistry –
Biology –
“Pond Cam” in Botswana, Africa –
More science sites –
General kid’s science site –
Women in science-
Studies Weekly (periodicals) –
MatchCard Science –

World Book Encyclopedia online –

ASLive (sign language online with a live instructor) –
American Sign Language –

Spelling City –
The Basic Cozy Spelling Course (free) –
Vocabulary –
Spelling Connections –
Splashes from the River –
Spelling City –
Merriam-Webster’s Word Central –
K12 Reader Spelling Curriculum gr. 1-5 –
Scholastic’s Spelling Wizard Practice –
Wordsmyth –
Vocabahead –
Big IQ Kids –
Kids Spell –
Spell by Color (for 3rd grade) – –
Wordly Wise Word Lists –

Home School Sports Network –
National Christian Homeschool Athletic Association –

Educational Television (links to web sites for lesson plans for broadcast and cable channels, educational programs, etc.) –
Cable in the Classroom –

Test Dates Central –
Reviews of ACT & SAT Prep Courses –
ACT Prep Class – homeschool class in May or June (Lee Gonet, 283-5018
ACT Free Practice –
CLEP Tests –
CLEP Test Questions –
CLEP testing lessons –
SAT Prep – 
SAT/ACT Power Prep –
SAT Free Practice –
Free Quiz Maker –
Easy Test Maker –
Fanklin Virtual Schools –
Virginia State Exam –
Ohio Practice Tests –;TopicRelationID=240
Texas State Exam –
Practice High School Exit Exam for Alaska (exit exam not required by Alabama homeschoolers, but good testing practice) –
Misc. –
Links for other tests –
The National Right to Read Foundation assessment test –
Free online reading assessment –
Reading Comprehension –
Speed Reading Test online –
Pointers for Taking Essay Tests –

Google Images (search on your topic) –
Clipart Etc. –
Mosiac Introduction to Timelines –
Simply Charlotte Mason Book of Centuries –
Guest Hollow’s Timeline Pages –
University of Texas’ Portrait Gallery –
Timeline Collection –
Timetoast (requires free registration) –
Timeglider (requires free registration) –

TRANSCRIPTS/DIPLOMAS/REPORT CARDS (see also Educational Resources, Recordkeeping)
Eclectic Homeschool –
Chart Jungle –
Donna Young’s homeschool printables and resources –
Homeschool Diplomas –
A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschool –
HSLDA’s diploma, graduation cap and gown –
Education World templates –

TUTORIALS (all subjects)
GFC Learn Free –
Brain Pop –

Free Online Typing Course –
Dance Mat Typing –
Touch Typing –
Kiran’s Typing Tutor –
Typing Web –
TuxTyping –
Power Typing –
Learn To Type –

UNIT STUDIES (See also Notebooking)
Unit Study Tips, Ideas and Online Studies –
Unit Study Helps –

Answers in Genesis –
Teachers Domain –
Anneberg Learner –
The Homeschool Channel –
Watch Know Learn –
TeacherTube –
SchoolTube –
How Stuff Works –
Curriculum Bits –
Chemistry Comes Alive –
Khan Academy (many academic subjects) –
Neo K12 –
Sqool Tube –
NetFlix (subscription) –

VOCABULARY (see Spelling)

WRITING (Creative Writing and Essay Writing)
National Novel Writer’s Month –
Free lesson plans associated with National Novel Writer’s Month (NaNoWrMo) –
Free workbooks associated with National Novel Writer’s Month (NaNoWrMo) –
Wordsmithery Creative Writing Lessons –
Writing Fix –
Read Write Think –
Guide to Grammar and Writing –
Scott Foresman Grammar and Writing Boosk –
Guide to Writing a Basic Essay –
The Five Paragraph Essay –
Writing Essay Exams –
Write An Essay –
Write an essay online –
How To Write an Essay (online lessons) –
Principles of Composition –
Basic Steps in Writing a Literature Paper –
Pointers for Taking Essay Tests –

twelve Grade (Senior)


twelve (Senior)

Senior Year

Supplies needed:

You will need loose-leaf notebook paper, dividers, and binders to make your study journals, along with pens and pencils for writing. Ideally, you will also have printer paper and ink for the literature study guides, and to print a copy of the final draft of your senior term paper. You can read the materials online and write your answers on notebook

paper if necessary, and keep a

digital file of your paper.

You may find the literature novels

at your local library or purchase them online.

If you have not already,

you will need to create a free student account with Saylor. You will also need a free account with Carnegie-Mellon University for your statistics course,

if you do not have one.Download the Senior Year Course Curriculum list here.

Photography 3 HERE
Make your own  photo book HERE.


Senior English

Begin each quarter spending 2 weeks reading your

novel and completing the activities included with the

study guides. Finish your novel study with a book report.

Use the remaining weeks of the first two quarters

to work through the tutorials of the


of Calgary’s Basic Elements of English website,

and the Norton College Writing Essentials site.

Complete all online readings and exercises.

This should provide a good review of grammar and writing skills from

your previous studies.

You will spend the final two quarters researching

and writing a senior term paper. (Read the information provided here before starting.)

You should also spend at least 2 hours a week in “free”

reading, using novels and non-fiction books of your choice.

(Be sure to recordall reading materials on your Reading List.)

Grammar & Composition – The Basic Elements of EnglishWriting Essentials

Literature – 1st Quarter: A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens (Study Guide)

2nd Quarter: The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer (Study Guide)

3rd Quarter: (Choose 1) Beowulf, translated by Burton Raffel (Study Guide) OR Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen (Study Guide)

4th Quarter: Hamlet*, by William Shakespeare (Study Guide)

*This edition is highly recommended as it

provides a modern “translation” along with the

original text to help students understand what they are reading.

Senior Term Paper –

The Senior Term Paper will be a historical research paper that will

use the elements and style generally required for college-level work, in

preparation of your post-high school studies. Begin with reading the

information found

at the Reading, Writing, and Researching for History: A Guide for College Students website. Next, choose one of the following general topics, narrow it down to a strong thesis as described

in the guide, and write a 17 – 20-page

(double-spaced; this will be about 4,250 – 5,000 words) paper with at least seven

different resources cited. (If you are having trouble with constructing a

thesis, you may want to follow the advice offered here.)

Focus your term paper on one of the following time periods:

1. Ancient Egypt, Greece, or Rome

2. The “dark ages”

3. The Renaissance

4. The exploration of the “new” world

5. The American Revolution

6. The American Civil War

7. World War I or II

8. The Great Depression

9. The age of space exploration

10. The fall of the Soviet Union

Remember, you are writing a term paper.

The above topics are much too broad by themselves.

Pick a time period that interests you and then focus on a specific event

or idea, or a comparison of different events. While this is a history research paper,

keep in mind this is also the culmination of your

grammar and essay writing studies throughout your high school years.

You should use good grammar, proper punctuation and spelling, and format your

paper using the MLA style.This grading rubric can be used to evaluate your paper in

terms of possible letter grades.Study Journal cover


Probability & StatisticsProbability & Statistics

Study Journal cover



Complete the lessons and activities from the course and watch the physics videos.

(You may watch 26 videos a semester, or divide them in any way that fits your schedule.)Introduction to Mechanics

The Mechanical Universe… and Beyond videos

Study Journal cover


World History 2Early Globalizations – East Meets West (Units 7 – 11.)World History in the Early Modern and Modern Eras

Study Journal cover

Elective 1:

Art HistoryIntroduction to Western Art: Prehistoric to High Gothic

Introduction to Western Art: Proto-Renaissance to Contemporary Art

Study Journal cover

Elective 2:

Health, 1 semesterHealth

Food & Nutrition Through the Lifespan

Study Journal cov


Foreign Language Electives Social Sciences Electives Science Electives Fine Arts Electives

Electives – Foreign Language

Course Title Resource & Description
Various Languages BBC Languages Offers full exploratory and beginner level language instruction in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese & Greek.  Tools include video instruction, mp3 phrase downloads, and more.  Each language offers a “Gauge your level” section, to determine starting place.
French I & II Francais Interactif is a complete college-level first year French course (corresponding to French I and French II of high school level French; one semester of college coursework usually equals one year of high school coursework). This course includes all the basics of language study — vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, culture, and practice. The site is complete with sound files, grammar exercises, cultural information, videos, and even internet explorations.
Grammar explanations and practice link to a clever sister site, Tex’s French Grammar, which provides detailed grammar explanations for the entire French grammar plus sound files and interactive exercises for grammar practice. For high school French I, use chapters 1 through 6; for French II, use chapters 7 through 13. (University of Texas – Austin)
German I Beginners German provides a full German I course online, including extensive instruction in German grammar. 20 chapters of which 12 are currently online, practice exercises, online grammar lectures and reference section. Includes sound files. (University of Exeter, United Kingdom)
Icelandic I Icelandic Online: Modern Icelandic Language and Culture Includes all instructional materials and sound files. Free signup. (University of Iceland)
Italian I Oggi e Domani A complete, online Italian I course with interactive instructional components, sound files, quizzes, and tests. (University of New York at Brooklyn)
Ancient Greek I Ancient Greek with Thrasymachus This extensive, complete curriculum guide includes detailed lesson plans for the teacher, materials for the student, and student exercises. The curriculum guide accompanies the textbook, Thrasymachus, by C. W. E. Peckett and A. R. Munday, and was written by a professor of classics at Duquesne University and a high school teacher of Greek and Latin at St. Paul’s School (a private independent school). You will need to download a Greek font for your computer (directions are included). (Alison Barker)
NOTE: It is helpful to have the textbook Thrasymachus, published by C. W. E. Peckett and A. R. Munday, Bristol Classical Press, 1990. However, it is possible to use the curriculum guide as is if you do not have access to the book.
Modern Greek Modern Greek 101 & 102 (Elementary) 
Modern Greek 201, 202, & 203 (Intermediate)
Modern Greek 301 & 302 (Advanced) 
Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Modern Greek, with online instructional materials, quizzes, and sound files. You need to register to use this site, but registration is free. (Kypros-Net in collaboration with CyBC, Government of Cyprus)
American Sign Language (ASL) ASL University Lessons
First and second semester high school language course in American Sign Language. Third semester available soon…

Electives – Social Sciences

Course Title Resource & Description
History of Religion in America Divining America: Religion and the National Culture Includes essays by leading scholars tracing religious issues and influences across American history. Extensive links to supplemental resources and primary source documents accompany each essay. Used together they provide a course of study in the history and influence of religion on American history and culture. (TeacherServe, National Humanities Center)

Electives – Science

Course Title Resource & Description
Astronomy From Stargazers to Starships A complete course, physics and algebra-based. (U. S. Government, NASA)

Electives – Fine Arts

Course Title Resource & Description
Music Theory Introduction to Music Theory A basic music theory course; includes instruction, assignments, and sound files. (Connexions)
Music Appreciation Sound Reasoning is a music appreciation course with built-in “listening galleries” and an interactive online workbook. (Anthony Brandt, Connexions)

Public Speaking, 1 semesterSpeech




Waiting by Edmund Blair Leighton, public domain image
Please allow the entire post to load before paging down.  If you page down before the entire post has loaded, the audio players will automatically begin playing all at once.  If this happens, simply press the pause button on each audio player before continuing.
She Walks in Beauty
The Prisoner of Chillon
abridged reading

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Ripe Hachiya persimmons on a tree in December, licensed under GNU Free Documentation license by author Downtowngal
The Norton Anthology of Poetry has provided a web companion with several poems read aloud. Here is their homepage where you can find several additional resources.  Below are links to the poems on their site.  Click on the links to go to their site, and then click on the speaker beside the text of each poem to hear it read aloud.  You’ll need QuickTime for the audio player to work.
Image of Chaucer as a pilgrim from Ellesmere Manuscript in Huntington Library in San Marino California.  This manuscript is an early publishing of Canterbury Tales.
Geoffrey Chaucer (1343 – 1400) The Pardoner’s Prologue and Tale
Sir Patrick Spens Early Modern Ballads
Thomas Wyatt (1503 – 1542) They Flee from Me
Elizabeth I (1533 – 1603) When I Was Fair and Young
Edmund Spenser (1552 – 1599) Sonnet 75
Shepherd by Strambu Ipolit, 1871-1934
Christopher Marlowe (1564 – 1593) The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) Sonnet 146
John Donne (1572 – 1631) A Valediction Forbidding Mourning
Anne Bradstreet (1612 – 1672) To My Dear and Loving Husband
Anna Letitia Barbauld (1743 – 1825) The Rights of Woman
Old Chelsea Bridge, London by Pissarro, 1871
William Blake (1757 – 1827) London
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772 – 1834) Kubla Khan
Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809 – 1892) Ulysses
Walt Whitman (1819 – 1892) Song of Myself
Emily Dickinson, black and white photograph
Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886) #712
William Butler Yeats (1865 – 1939) Easter 1916
Wallace Stevens (1879 – 1955) Sunday Morning
William Carlos Williams (1883 – 1963) This Is Just to Say
Marianne Moore (1887 – 1972) Poetry
Wilfred Owen (1893 – 1918) Dulce Et Decorum Est
Dulce et Decorum est, One of many, many graveyards in the Somme battlefields, this one is on the main road between Albert and Baupaume, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0, by author Chris Hartford from London, UK
Langston Hughes (1902 – 1967) The Weary Blues
W. H. Auden (1907 – 1973) In Memory of W. B. Yeats
Dylan Thomas (1914 – 1953) Fern Hill
Gwendolyn Brooks (1917 – 2000) We Real Cool
Denise Levertov (1923 – 1997) Tenebrae
Adrienne Rich (b. 1929) Diving into the Wreck
Derek Walcott (b. 1930) A Far Cry from Africa
1593 map Northern Hemisphere, Gerard de Jode
Rita Dove (b. 1952) Parsley
Li-Young Lee (b. 1957) Persimmons

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Edith Wharton’s 1911 novel Ethan Frome tells the story of a tragic love triangle. Set in the highly symbolic wintry landscape of Starkfield, Massachusetts, the narrative centers on the title character’s fraught relationships with his “sickly, cantankerous” wife Zeena and his young, beautiful cousin Mattie Silver. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett for Librivox)
You can stream individual chapters of this book using the player widget located on its LibrivoxInternet archive page
Total running time: 3 hours, 13 minutes

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My girls love this site this is what we use  this site has great beginner projects to advance.

Mug rugs are the latest craze in fashionable kitchenware. Start your collection of mug rug patterns and quilted patterns today with this dainty Tea Time Mug Rug Tutorial. Never worry about unsightly coffee stains again!
Tea Time Mug Rug Tutorial

Tea Time Mug Rug Tutorial
This image courtesy of
Project Type: Make a Project
Time to complete: In an evening
Sewn by: Machine




Grab an old tank top and a coordinating sheet. That’s all you need to make the adorable Walking on Sunshine Upcycled Dress. Make your own clothes and really show your personal style! You can even learn how to make a maxi dress using this free dress pattern. Maureen Wilson will lead you through each step in a video tutorial found at the bottom of this page.

Walking On Sunshine Upcycled Dress

  • Old tank top or tee shirt
  • Wide elastic (2-inch)
  • Old sheet, or other fabric of your choice
How To:

You’ll need three measurements:

  • Shoulder to waist. (Or, if this is a maternity dress, measure from shoulder to beneath bust-line.)
  • Waist circumference. (Or, if this is a maternity dress, under the bust-line.)
  • Waist to knee. (Or, if this is a maxi dress, waist to ankle.)
  1. We’ll start with the elastic. Cut the elastic 1/2 inch longer than your waist measurement. Serge or zig-zag stitch over the cut edge of one end.
  2. Then form a circle by overlapping the ends by 1/2 an inch. With the raw edge on top, zig-zag stitch the elastic loop together. Set aside.
  3. Next we’ll cut the skirt fabric. I’ve decided to double the fabric so a slip won’t be necessary. Multiply the waist measurement by 1.5, this is how wide your fabric will be. For the length, double the waist to knee measurement, so that we will have a lining.
  4. Then, cut this piece in half across the width, so that we can have two side seams.
  5. Fold the pieces in half widthwise, so that they are now the length of your waist-to-knee measurement. Lay the two pieces on top of each other, with the fold at bottom. Line up the edges and pin. Sew a 1/2 inch seam down the left and right sides.
  6. Serge or zig-zag stitch over the seam’s raw edge to prevent fraying. Do this on both the left and right sides. Then iron the skirt.
  7. With the skirt right-side out, top-stitch a 1/2 inch above the bottom fold to secure the layers and create a hem.
  8. Switch to a basting stitch, and sew along the top raw edges of the skirt with a 1/2-inch seam. Do not backstitch. Then pull the bottom thread to gather the fabric so that it is the same width as your elastic band.
  9. Slide the elastic band over the skirt’s top. They should overlap each other by about 1/2 inch, so pin the edge right below the line of basting stitches.
  10. Sew the bottom edge of the elastic in place with a 1/2 inch seam using a zig-zag stitch. This should secure the raw edges of the skirt’s top.
  11. Cut the top 1/2 inch longer than the shoulder-to-waist measurement.
  12. The shirt should be pretty close to the measurement of your waistband, so you can probably skip the basting stitch on this step and just pin it inside the elastic band, adjusting the fabric as you pin. The elastic and the shirt should overlap by half an inch. (Make sure that the side seams of the shirt line up with the side seams of the skirt.)
  13. Sew along the top edge of the elastic with a 1/2 inch seam using a zig-zag stitch, securing the raw edge of the shirt.


Denim Organizer

Denim OrganizerSew and embellish a denim organizer for your teen’s locker or bedroom. Use the pant legs of old jeans for this cute, recycling sewing project to keep your teen neat and organized.

Denim Gadget Case

Denim Gadget CaseTeens love gadgets, and what better way to protect them from scratches than with a denim gadget case? Make one for your teen’s ipod orcell phone out of an old pair of jeans with this free, easy sewing pattern.

Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag ChairUse this free printable sewing pattern to make a bean bag chair for your teen to use when watching TV, playing video games, or gossiping with his or her friends. This pattern includes a muslin lining for ease in filling.

Hanging Homework Tray

Hanging Homework TrayKeep your kids or yourself organized with this Hanging Homework Tray. It’s a clever but simple sewing project that hangs from any shelf. This is a great back to school sewing project that everyone can enjoy!

Pouf Pillow

Pouf PillowLearn how to sew a round pillow for your teen’s bedroom with this sewing tutorial. Your teen will love lounging with this pouf pillow and a good book, or gossiping with her friends surrounded by colorful throw pillows.

Scrappy Petal Tank

Scrappy Petal TankThe scrappy petal tank is a cute and trendy top for any teen, and best of all, it’ll use up all your scraps! Learn ways to make your own clothes with this woman’s shirt sewing pattern.

Cushion Couch

Cushion CouchTry these free printable sewing patterns for different sized cushions that you can put together to make a cushion couch. These make great seating areas for teens to relax or do homework on.

Stylish DIY iPad Case

Stylish DIY iPad CaseYou’re already on trend by owning your iPad, now protect it. The Stylish DIY iPad Case keeps your precious tablet safe without sacrificing its sleek look. No matter what kind of iPad you have this tutorial on how to make an iPad case can apply to any model. Choose a print that you want to tote around all day with you and use on this tutorial. Because of the tiny size you can also use this project as an opportunity to clean out that fabric stash.

Stars and Stripes Locker Pocket

Stars and Stripes Locker PocketThe stars and stripes locker pocket is for the well-organized teen and it’s also a great way to show your patriotism. Use this easy beginner sewing project to make your own and hang it in a locker.

Sex and the City Shoes

Sex and the City ShoesUse this innovative and really easy sewing project to update your plain shoes into Sex and the City shoes. All it takes is a few ruffles and some serious attitude.

35 Free Clothing Sewing Patterns for Girls

19 Free Clothing Sewing Patterns for GirlsWe’ve found quality free clothing sewing patterns for girls that we think you’ll love. The 35 Free Clothing Sewing Patterns for Girls you’ll find in this collection are comfy and stylish so your little girl can play and learn in a wonderful handmade wardrobe.

How to Make A Tutu Dress

How to Make A Tutu DressIf you have a little dancer in your life, you absolute have to get started on this How to Make a Tutu Dress tutorial. Any pretty little princess will feel absolutely royal when she slips on this adorable little tutu dress. Crafted from pink tulle and a t-shirt, this little dress will keep moms and tots happy for days to come. Little girls will love dancing around and moms will love the fact that this dress slips on simply. Plus, the length is much more sensible than pretend tutus.

Scrappy Leggings Patterns

Scrappy Leggings PatternsWhen you see how cute these pants look on your little girl, you’ll be glad you took the time to learn how to sew leggings. The Scrappy Leggings Pattern offers a cost-friendly solution to clothing your child. Design your own leggings using this tutorial and an extra shirt from your wardrobe. The stretch knit that makes up this piece creates a comfortable, playtime pair of pants that your little one will absolutely love to wear.

Make a Bedside Organizer

Make a Bedside OrganizerMake a bedside organizer and leave your nightstand uncluttered with books and magazines. Here’s an easy sewing project that offers a stylish solution to an untidy children’s bedroom. Keep books, a flashlight or even a sippy cup just a reach away.

Tulip Blouse

Tulip BlouseIt’s easy to learn how to sew a shirt with this Tulip Blouse pattern. This easy sewing project has a shirred waistband and comfy, wide sleeves. Your little girl will look adorable in this DIY blouse.

Rose Petal Dress

Rose Petal DressLearn how to make clothing with materials from the dollar store. Sewingbaby clothes and sewing for kids is easy with this Rose Petal Dress. This adorable outfit is totally darling and will barely cost you a penny. Add rose petals to a T-shirt to get this cute look. Best of all, this sewing pattern doesn’t take long to make and only requires a few simple steps. No little girl should be without a precious dress that makes them feel like a flower.

Paperdoll Skirt

Paperdoll SkirtRemember when you used to make paper doll chains? This adorable Paperdoll Skirt is an easy sewing project modeled after that classic paper craft. This skirt sewing tutorial shows you how to make a skirt and the paperdoll chain applique.

The Elsa Dress

The Elsa DressThe Elsa Dress will undoubtedly be a huge hit if the recipient loves the movie that inspired it. Learn how to make a dress for girls who are giant Disney fans by following this easy tutorial. With a simple circle skirt for the lower half and a basic bodice, you’ll find that this design is an easy dress to make. Enjoy the gems that adorn the bodice and waistline of this dress, as well as thegorgeous tulle that acts as shoulder straps.

Easy 15 Minute Apron

Easy 15 Minute ApronIf you have 15 minutes to spare, you can make the Easy 15 Minute Apron. This apron, from start to finish, is only 5 short steps. You can go from heap of fabric to cute apron in no time. Pick any fabric for a fantastic and customized look. This tutorial includes information on the correct places to measure to ensure the best fit for your apron. This is the perfect quick project to make so you can protect your clothes as you cook.

Easy Ruffle Apron

Easy Ruffle ApronStart cooking in style with this Easy Ruffle Apron! This vintage-inspired apron tutorial will show you how to quickly make this full apron. This cute apron is lined with a ruffle hem and has a handy pocket. After all, no apron is really complete without a handy pocket, and no apron is cuter than one with a ruffle trim. With retro fabrics and a vintage flair, you will have an adorable and practical new apron to wear every time you cook.

Baking Outside the Box Apron Tutorial

Baking Outside the Box Apron TutorialWith the Baking Outside the Box Apron Tutorial, you can sew apron patterns for kids in three sizes. Outfit your little chefs for a great time in the kitchen or the art studio that won’t leave their clothes messy.

Adjustable Kitchen Apron

Adjustable Kitchen ApronThere’s no need for multiple aprons when you can make one that serves every chef in your house. Sew an Adjustable Kitchen Apron that you and your husband can share. This tutorial will show you how to make an apron with a front pocket that can hold your utensils as you walk around your kitchen. Because the apron size can be adjusted, it’s a budget-friendly way to keep your clothes clean while you cook. Sewing aprons doesn’t have to be a pain. Check out the free easy sewing tutorial to see how it’s done.

Simple Vintage Apron

Simple Vintage ApronFor a look that says chic and sweet, use this apron sewing pattern to make a Simple Vintage Apron. See how to make an apron that looks just like what was worn in the 40s and 50s with your favorite materials and patterns. This vintage apron pattern will make a great gift for any lovers of old fashioned looks and cooking, or you could make it for yourself to add an extra touch of classic style to your kitchen wardrobe.

6-for-1 Princess Apron Tutorial

6-for-1 Princess Apron TutorialMake your little girl’s fairy tale wishes come true by getting out your sewing materials. This 6-for-1 Princess Apron Tutorial is just what you need to dress up your daughter to look like all her favorite Disney princesses. Print out the provided pattern to make cutting the fabric as simple as possible, then follow along with the tutorial to learn how to make an apron your daughter will love. These Disney costume ideas are far more budget-friendly than any retail costume you could buy from the store. You could sew just one princess apron or all six.

How to Sew Aprons: 27 Free Patterns for Aprons

How to Sew Aprons 27 Free Patterns for ApronsAny cook, baker, or crafter knows what it’s like to get so wrapped up in a project that you don’t even realize the mess you’re making — even if the mess is all over you. Spills happen, slips of hand happen. While you know it’s an inevitability that, on occasion, your crafting can get a little messy, it’s easy to keep the mess of you and your fabulous outfit. These free patterns for aprons are perfect for men and women of all ages. Learn How to Sew Aprons with 27 Free Patterns for Aprons.

Adult Bib Apron

Adult Bib ApronLearn how to make an apron that’s great for adults. For potentially messy meals, the Adult Bib Apron is a useful free sewing apron. With a basic neck shape and long draping, this apron will protect an entire outfit.

Beginner’s Vintage Apron

Beginners Vintage ApronNo kitchen is complete without an apron hanging up somewhere. Make this Beginner’s Vintage Apron yours with this easy-to-follow tutorial! As cute homemade aprons go, you won’t find a better free sewing pattern than this one. The applique on this apron is incredibly easy and adds a classic, old-fashioned look to the simple design. Sometimes understated is best, and that’s definitely the case here. This apron is gorgeous, cheap, and perfect for sewists who need some practice before setting out to make a whole new wardrobe.

Apron with Pocket

Apron with PocketYou can look as good as the food you’re cooking. Try free sewing apron patterns like the Apron with Pocket tutorial to cook in style. This easy sewing project is simple and quick to produce. Choose your own fabrics to make this custom product that will keep the rest of your clothes clean while you prepare a meal. Learn how to make an apron with a pocket for storage so you can carry your phone or recipe while you’re walking back and forth for ingredients. You’ll love how simple this sewing tutorial is.

30 Minute 4 Seam Caftan

30 Minute 4 Seam CaftanWant to make a unique, flowing maxi dress? Within a half hour you can create this 30 Minute 4 Seam Caftan. Whether you’re a mom on the go or getting ready for a night out, this free long dress patterns delivers a dress that’s great for several occasions.

Figure Flattering Free Dress Pattern in Peplum

Figure Flattering Free Dress Pattern in PeplumA lot of ladies feel self-conscious over certain areas of their bodies, that’s why the Figure Flattering Free Dress Pattern in Peplum is such a great sewing project. Thanks to this dress tutorial, sewing a piece that works with typically troublesome spots like your mid-area is easy. Take advantage of the flouncy peplum accent to accentuate your finest features and optimize your self-esteem. Free dress patterns for women have never been so cute or rewarding.

Versatile Little Black Dress

Versatile Little Black DressThere’s nothing more classic than the LBD. Make the Versatile Little Black Dress and you can rest assured that your outfit will stand out in the crowd. These instructions on how to sew a dress including step-by-step direction. Follow the pattern and you’ll learn how to sew a dress that’s simple and special. Wear it out for a night on the town or dress it down for a work appropriate ensemble. Show up to your next event in this little black dress and you’ll feel confident and lovely.

Colorblock T-Shirt Dress

Colorblock TShirt DressAdd some pop of color to your wardrobe with this Colorblock T-Shirt Dress. Refashion old t-shirts in to this stylish yet simple dress pattern. This DIY t-shirt dress only takes 45 minutes to make!

Vintage Heirloom Dress

Vintage Heirloom DressLearn how to make a dress for girls that will be passed down for years to come. You can learn how to make clothing for your little baby with this Vintage Heirloom Dress. Inspired from vintage designs and fabric, this piece includes a tiny bodice embellished with buttons and a cute collar. The instructions provide photos so that your sewing experience is as easy as possible. Pass this dress on to create your own legacy.

Vintage Sheet to Maxi Dress

Vintage Sheet to Maxi DressShow up to your next event in a trendy maxi dress. Make the Vintage Sheet to Maxi dress using these free dress patterns. You can achieve both the vintage and the modern look in one dress this season!

The New Woman’s Flapper Dress

The New Womans Flapper DressIf you want to enter a new, personal, fashion era, make The New Woman’s Flapper Dress. Chic and cutting edge, you can sew an easy dress that completely revitalizes your wardrobe. Flouncy tiers on this DIY dress add extra movement, while stylish straps reveal just the right amount of skin. Take some time to create a dress from scraps that will make you feel like a new woman. Every time you don this homemade dress, you’ll fearlessly express your style, personality, and sewing skills.

Fit for Pemberley Dress

Fit for Pemberley DressWhat is it about the Fit for Pemberley Dress that makes it so romantic? It could be the tri-layer skirt or empire waist that this DIY dress sports. Inspired by J.Crew, this homemade dress maintains all the sophistication of professional design without the heavy price tag. You’ll be surprised that you can sew an easy dress that looks like it came straight from the tailor. It may be fit for a grand estate, but the cost of this DIY dress will make you happier than any high-end piece.

Coral Dress

Coral DressCan you believe this adorable dress can be made with a $3 top and some cotton knit fabric? The Coral Dress is stylish and flattering for all body types. Perhaps one of the greatest drawbacks of wearing a dress is a lack of pockets. This dress, however, has giant awesome pockets that will fit anything you can think of! Get ready for spring by sewing a stylish new outfit for the warm weather. For instructions on how to sew a dress check out this pattern.

A Gathered Dress

A Gathered DressIt’s hard not to feel beautiful in this lovely handmade dress. Make A Gathered Dress when you are first learning how to sew a dress. This pattern is so easy and so fun. The dress style is flirty and it looks good on any body type. Mix and match different fabric colors and patterns to get your favorite look. Simple dress patterns like this one are fun and rewarding you’ll end up with a wardrobe favorite!

Femme Fatale Cocktail Dress

Femme Fatale Cocktail DressYou’ll bring the party to a grinding halt in this gorgeous Femme Fatale Cocktail Dress. This DIY dress is absurdly easy and quick to make, but looks absolutely phenomenal once it’s finished. If you’re a beginner sewist just starting to learn how to make your own clothes, this is the perfect project for you. The end result is so elegant and understated. It has a nice length and a wonderful striped detail at the ribcage that really pulls the whole thing together. This dress will become your cocktail party go-to!

Draped Maxi Dress

Draped Maxi DressLook like a Grecian goddess in this elegant Draped Maxi Dress. This DIY maxi dress has beautiful draping and requires minimal sewing. This one shoulder, formal maxi dress is a gorgeous sewing project.

Lace Dress

Lace DressTurn heads in this beautiful Lace Dress. This free dress pattern features a gathered skirt with a yoke bodice and a ruffle collar. This DIY lace dress is a romantic, feminine outfit you’ll love.

20 Ideas for How To Make Maternity Clothes

20 Ideas for How To Make Maternity ClothesDo you know a lucky lady who’s pregnant? If you’re the pregnant one, congratulations! With these 20 ideas, you can learn how to make maternity clothes in no time.

Lace Trimmed Maternity Belly Bands

No one said maternity clothes couldn’t be fun! Embellish your clothing with the Lace Trimmed Maternity Belly Bands. Make them in different colors and they’ll become your go-to accessory for both style and comfort.

Maternity Maxi Dress

Maternity Maxi DressMaternity clothes don’t have to be a bore. Learn how to make clothes like the Maternity Maxi Dress by following this DIY maxi dress tutorial. Cute sewing projects like this will let you experience pregnancy in style. The lace accent adds an elegant touch to this fashionable ensemble. The pattern also works for women who aren’t pregnant. After you follow these instructions on how to sew a dress, you’ll love showing off your handiwork. You can even teach your friends how to make their own dresses. This free long dress pattern will impress everyone you show.

Washable and Reusable Nursing Pads

Washable and Reusable Nursing PadsThese Washable and Reusable Nursing Pads are so easy to make, yournewborn could do it! Don’t waste money on expensive disposable nursing pads that itch and irritate. Nursing can be uncomfortable enough as it is. Make your life a little easier (and cuter!) with these fun homemade nursing pads. All you need is a soft, absorbent fabric for the bottom layer and a top fabric of your choice to give the pad some structure and decorative flair. There’s no reason your nursing pads shouldn’t be as fabulous as you are!

Make Mommy Happy 30 Minute Dress

Who wouldn’t want to own the Make Mommy Happy 30 Minute Dress? It will make you happy and quick! Put your refashioning cap on and shop your closet for your materials. You already have everything you need to make this cute dress.

How To Add Maternity Band to Jeans

Once you know how to add maternity band to jeans, you’re on your way to a more comfortable pregnancy. You can wear these comfy jeans wherever your sweats don’t make the cut. Make trendy maternity clothes and you can still look fashionable!

Maternity Wrap Skirt

Believe it or not, this is a garment you can wear throughout different stages of your pregnancy. The Maternity Wrap Skirt is great for now and with a small edit, great for later. Learn how to make maternity clothes with this tutorial.

Easy Maternity Jeans

Easy Maternity JeansJeans that accommodate your baby bump are just a few snips and stitches away. You can make Easy Maternity Jeans that will be comfy to wear without spending any money. Grab a pair of jeans you already have and a t-shirt you no longer wear. Use this easy sewing tutorial to learn how to make maternity clothes that are stylish and low-budget. This project is perfect for people who are looking for ways to reuse clothes. Bring your little one into the world with these soon-to-be-a-mom jeans.

Maternity Empire Skirt

Maternity Empire SkirtClothes shopping gets progressively harder the further along you are in your pregnancy. Save yourself the headache with this Maternity Empire Skirt! Easy DIY maternity clothes are hard to come by, but this free skirt pattern will definitely do the trick. This skirt is stylish, fun, and so easy to sew. It’s the perfect way to occupy a free afternoon or evening. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel fabulous and beautiful, just because you’ve got an extra passenger! Make this gorgeous Maternity Empire Skirt for yourself or for the expectant mother in your life.

Mommy’s Favorite Maternity Shirt

Mommys Favorite Maternity ShirtThis DIY maternity tutorial is perfect for making a regular long shirt into what will soon be Mommy’s Favorite Maternity Shirt. Just add some elastic bands to the outside of a regular long shirt and adjust it as the baby grows over the course of the pregnancy. Pregnant fashion is a huge concern of soon-to-be mothers, and this homemade shirt will put their worries at ease. Do-it-yourself clothing is fun and simple, so don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to make maternity clothes.

Pioneer Shirt

Pioneer ShirtAdd a vintage look to a man’s shirt with ease. Try making a Pioneer Shirt following this free, easy sewing pattern to make a man a costume he will love. A simple sewing project like this one can quickly transform an outfit. The same top purchased from a store can be expensive, but you can design and make your own clothes using shirts that are already around the house to save a few dollars. Follow this sewing tutorial and you’ll see how fun wardrobe refashioning can be.

Boxer Shorts

Boxer ShortsThese Boxer Shorts are super comfortable and are a great gift for Dad. They also make great pajama pants for women. Learn how to make boxers with this easy sewing pattern.

Men’s Fleece Hoodie

Making a men’s fleece hoodie is actually easier than it sounds, especially when you’re armed with this free sewing pattern for men. Make one for your man in his favorite color and he’ll love you forever (or at least he’ll love the hoodie forever).

9 Simple Sewing Projects for Men: Father’s Day Gifts + 6 New Ideas

9 Simple Sewing Projects for Men Fathers Day GiftsSimple sewing projects for men arent always easy to come by but weve gathered a bunch for you in this collection. They make great gifts forfathers day but can also serve as sewn gift ideas for any time of year!

Men’s Wallet

If you’re looking for something to give dad for Father’s Day, check out the Men’s Wallet project. Sewing for men is tricky but every man carries a wallet so you know this craft will be useful. Take a few of his favorite shirts and refashion them into a wallet.

iPad Cross Body Sleeve for Dad

iPad Cross Body Sleeve for DadDad deserves special gifts no matter what the time of year. The iPad Cross Body Sleeve for Dad is a simple project that he can use to easily transport his favorite gadget. An ipad notebook cover like this makes for a great gift for dad.

Father and Son Ties

Sew matching father and son ties for the men in your life using this free sewing craft pattern. This sewing tutorial even shows you how to draft your own tie pattern.

DIY Wallet

DIY WalletIs your old wallet falling apart at the seams? Check out this DIY Wallet sewing pattern! It ‘s a great gift for dad or graduation present. Learn how to make a wallet that will stand the test of time in this tutorial.

The Boxy Dopp Kit

The man in your life needs sewn goods too. Make the Boxy Dopp Kit for his belongings when traveling. Guys are hard to shop for, make this project for him instead. It’s an easy and usable craft.

Boy Boxer Briefs

No need to throw out those old shirts! Turn them into Boy Boxer Briefs. This cute sewing project is a great way to reuse old clothes and save keepsakes.

Super Speedy Suspenders

Super Speedy SuspendersYou can add a little pizazz to your man’s outfit in a snap. These Super Speedy Suspenders can be made in less than ten minutes. This is a great sewing project for beginners who are looking to make crafts for men. DIY suspenders are simple to produce and take very few materials. There’s no need to buy retail merchandise when you can make your own for less money. Follow the sewing tutorial to learn how to make suspenders that you and your husband will love. You might even want to try this craft in a few different colors.

Father’s Day Tie

Make a Father’s Day tie with this sewing pattern for men. Homemade gifts mean so much more than store bought, so try this free, easy sewing pattern today!

Basic Boy’s Wallet

Basic Boys WalletFrom strong patterns and fabrics like plaid or tweed you can make this Basic Boy’s Wallet. This is an easy tutorial on how to make a wallet that is fit for a boy. It offers excellent suggestions on color schemes so that you don’t mistakenly overwhelm your boy with flowers and paisley. Carefully go through the materials list before beginning to ensure an enjoyable wallet sewing experience. You can take this lesson in making a sturdy wallet to future projects.

Hoodie Vest

Hoodie VestTry your hand at sewing for men and boys with this free, easy sewing pattern for a hoodie vest. Your man can wear it to the gym or when watching the game.

The Boy Vest

The Boy VestMake a vest for your special guy that looks super fly. The Boy Vest is a great tutorial if you want to make clothes but need detailed instructions. On top of the general shape of the vest, the instructions also include directions on adding an embellishment with felt diamonds to give an argyle effect. This is an excellent craft for a beginner seamstress. The DIY vest makes for a great, quick idea when you’ve run out of ideas for boys.

Vintage Gun Sleeve

Vintage Gun SleeveGive your favorite hunter a gift he will love to show his buddies. You can make him a Vintage Gun Sleeve by following this easy sewing tutorial. Fabric sleeves for guns don’t have to be boring. Ditch the store-bought goods and try making a rifle sleeve that is personalized and customized. The canvas gives the sleeve a vintage look that will draw a ton of attention. This budget-friendly project is easy to put together. If you’re looking for a simple sewing project you can give as a gift, this is a great place to start.

Club Jacket

Make a club jacket for your husband or son with this free sewing pattern for men. This wind breaker is great for outdoor activities and it features stylish color blocking.

Tie Notebook and Pen Holder

Tie Notebook and Pen HolderGive dad the gift of organization this Father’s Day with the Tie Notebook and Pen Holder. Made from an old tie, this will look great in anyone’s office. It’s a great sewn gift idea!

Gentleman’s iPhone Case

Gentlemans iPhone CaseIf you’re looking to make homemade gifts for him, consider this Gentleman’s iPhone Case. This sturdy iPhone DIY case is made from your choice of either felt or leather. It’s constructed to keep the phone safe and snug with the help of a thick thread. Easy homemade gifts are always a treat for the maker and the beneficiary, and this project is no exception. This is a great homemade gift that will protect one of his most valued possessions.


eleventh Sophomore

If you have not already, you will need to create a free student account with Saylor. You should also create a free account with Carnegie-Mellon University for your Biology and French courses.Download the Sophomore Year Course Curriculum list here.


Sophomore English

Begin each quarter spending 2 weeks reading your novel and completing the

activities included with the study guides. Finish your novel study with a book report.

Use the remaining weeks of each quarter to complete the lessons of the

English course

. You should also spend at least 2 hours a week in “free” reading,

using novels and non-fiction books of your choice.

(Be sure to record all reading materials on your Reading List.)

Photography 3….HERE

Grammar & Composition – English Composition 1

Literature –

1st Quarter: To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee (Study Guide)

2nd Quarter: The Red Badge of Courage, by Stephen Crane (Study Guide)

3rd Quarter: A Separate Peace, by John Knowles (Study Guide)

4th Quarter: My Antonia, by Willa Cather (Study Guide)Study Journal cover



Complete the lessons for the Geometry course. Use the worksheets

for additional practice in any topics or concepts that you need.  Geometry

Practice worksheets

Study Journal cover



Complete the lessons and activities for the course,

and choose at least 16 of the virtual lab activities.

(You may do 8 labs a semester, or

divide the work in any way that fits your schedule.)Introduction to Biology

Virtual Labs

Study Journal cover


US History 2Introduction to United States History:

Reconstruction to the Present

Study Journal cover

Elective 1:

American Government,
1 semester:  Introduction to American Politics

Study Journal cover

Elective 2:

Economics, 1 semester :Principles of Microeconomics

Study Journal cover

Elective 3:

French 1Elementary French 1

Study Journal cover


tenth (Junior )

Junior Year

Supplies needed:

You will need loose-leaf notebook paper,

dividers, and binders to make your study journals, along with pens and pencils for writing.

Ideally, you will also have printer

paper and ink for the literature study

guides and math practice worksheets,

but you can read the materials online

and write your answers on notebook paper if necessary.

Those of you who are taking photography if this is your first year …..HERE.
For those who had photography1 in there freshmen yr. and your in photography 2 …HERE

You may find the literature novels at your local library or purchase them online.

If you have not already, you will

need to create a free student account with Saylor.

You will also need a free account with Carnegie-Mellon University for your chemistry and French courses, if you do not have one.Download the Junior Year Course Curriculum list here.


Junior English

Begin each quarter spending 2 weeks reading your novel and

completing the activities included with the study guides.

Finish your novel study with a book report. Use the remaining

weeks of each quarter to complete the lessons of the

English course

. You should also spend at least 2 hours a week in “free”

reading, using novels and non-fiction books of your choice.

(Be sure to record all reading materials on your Reading List.)

Grammar & Composition – English Composition 2

Literature –

1st Quarter: The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne (Study Guide)

2nd Quarter: One Day in the Life of Ivan  Denisovich, by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

(Study Guide)

3rd Quarter: Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens (Study Guide)

4th Quarter: A Midsummer Night’s Dream*, by William Shakespeare (Study Guide)

*This edition is highly recommended as it provides

a modern “translation” along with the original text to help students understand

what they are reading. Study Journal cover


Algebra 2

Complete the tutorials for the Western Texas A & M University Algebra courses, and

complete the Education Portal algebra course (including the chapter tests and final exam).

Use the worksheets for additional practice in any topics or concepts that you need. Intermediate Algebra

College Algebra

Education Portal’s College Algebra

Practice worksheets

Study Journal cover



Complete the lessons and activities from the course

and watch the chemistry videos/lab demonstrations.

(You may watch 13 videos a semester, or divide them in any way that fits your schedule.)Introduction to Chemistry

A World of Chemistry videos

Study Journal cover


World History 1Ancient Civilizations of the World

Early Globalizations – East Meets West

(You should complete units 1 – 6.

The remaining units will be finished during your senior year.)Study Journal cover

Elective 1:

World Geography World Regional Geography

Study Journal cover

Elective 2:

French 2Elementary French 2

Study Journal cover


Download freshman year course curriculum

   year here.


Freshman English

Begin each quarter spending 2 weeks reading your novel and completing the activities

included with the study guides. Finish your novel study with a book report.

Use the remaining weeks of each quarter to complete the

lessons of the

English course

. You should also spend at least 2 hours a week in

“free” reading, using novels and
non-fiction books of your choice.

(Be sure to record all reading materials on your Reading 


Grammar & Composition – Pre-College English

Literature –

1st Quarter: The Call of the Wild,

by Jack London (Study Guide)

LINK>> call-of-the-wild-by-jack-london


2nd Quarter: Johnny Tremain, by Esther Forbes

(Study Guide)


3rd Quarter: Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley (Study Guide)

LINK >> frankenstein-or-modern-prometheus-by-mary-w-shelley

E BOOK Frankenstein-or-Modern-Prometheus-by-Mary-W-



4th Quarter: Animal Farm, by George Orwell (Study Guide)


Study Journal cover


Note: Students in need of remedial math instruction before

embarking on an algebra course should first

complete Saylor’s Foundations of Real World Math.

Algebra 1

Complete the lessons for the Algebra 1 course.

Use the worksheets for additional practice in any topics or concepts that you need.  Algebra 1

Practice worksheets

Study Journal cover


Environmental Science

Watch the videos, read the online textbook, and complete the

lab activities

for the Habitable Planet. Complete the additional lab

activities offered at the

HippoCampus website. The Habitable Planet

(You can download a full copy of the textbook 

here.) HippoCampus Lab Simulations

Study Journal cover


US History 1Introduction to United States History: Colonial 

Period to the Civil War

Study Journal cover



Photography Assignments
Student Examples:

Photoshop Assignments:

Using Levels to Adjust Tonal Range
Color Balance
Using Curves to Adjust Tonal Range and Color
Setting White and Black Points
Using Adjustment Layers and Making Selective Adjustments
Color Correction by the Numbers
Correcting Camera Perspective
Correcting Lens Distortion and Using Free Transform

Photography 1 Study Guide

Photography I Final Test Study Guide

  1. What shooting or exposure icon on the mode dial tries to make the subject in focus and the background blurred?
  1. What shooting or exposure icon on the mode dial tries to make every object in the frame in focus?
  1. Which control on your digital camera allows you to tell the camera what color of light you are in to make the best image?
  1. What does the rule of thirds suggest?
  1. A ____________ is a digital picture element, a square that can only be one color and value.
  1. How many pixels are in 1 megapixel?
  1. What does resolution mean in the context of digital photography?
  1. What advantage(s) does a 10 megapixel camera have over a 3 megapixel camera?
  1. Resolution in a digital image is measured in terms of what?
  1. In this class, what is the recommended resolution for output to an inkjet printer?
  1. Most photographers agree that increasing the resolution after this number does not improve image quality?
  1. How do you get to the image size dialogue box in Photoshop?
  1. To change the resolution of an image without affecting the size of the file or affecting the actual pixel count, what box must be unchecked?
  1. To actually change the size of an image at a given resolution value, you need to check what box on the Image Size dialogue window?
  1. If you printed an 8 X 10 inch image at 30 ppi, how would the resulting image appear while holding it in your hands?
  1. An image has an array of 3300 x 2700 pixels.  How large would the image be printed at 300 ppi?
  1. An image has an array of 2400 x 1920 pixels.  How large would the image be printed at 240 ppi?
  1. Which file format is generally supported by just about any software that allows you to work with digital images?
  1. Which file format compresses the image at capture?
  1. What is/are a/an advantage(s) of shooting JPG files?
  1. What is/are a/an disadvantage(s) of shooting JPG files?
  1. On your digital camera, what does changing the ISO to a higher number do?
  1. What is a histogram?
  1. The far left value of 0 on the histogram indicates what tonal value?
  1. The far right value of 255 on the histogram indicates what value?
  1. A value of 128 on the histogram indicates what?
  1. A value of 236 is more black than white.
  1. A histogram that shows the graph abutted or against the left side indicates what?
  1. A histogram that shows the graph abutted or against the right side indicates what?
  1. What does tonal value mean?
  1. What is Photoshop’s primary palette to keep track of the tonal values and to measure specific areas with sample points?
  1. How can you place a Color Sampler point?
  1. When evaluating an image, what are values that are totally black or totally white are said to be?
  1. What is the first thing to consider when looking at a histogram in the Levels dialogue box?
  1. A graph that spans the entire histogram indicates what?
  1. How can you find the brightest spot in the image using the Levels or Curves dialogue box?
  1. When adjusting the image using Levels, what happens if you move the white and black slider toward the center past where the graph begins and ends?
  1. One way to simplify your photographic composition is to do what?
  1. Cropping an image is an essential part of processing your photos in Photoshop.
  1. When cropping your image, what is/are the major consideration(s)?
  1. What does cropping accomplish?
  1. After using the crop tool to select the part of the image to keep, how can you accept or complete the crop?
  1. What is the aspect ratio of a photograph?
  1. What tool can be used to straighten an image?
  1. During a crop, using the Crop tool, you find the dimensions of the crop constrained to a fixed proportion.  What can you do to allow you to select the crop size of your choosing?
  1. What would be the best reason to use the crop tool?
  1. Which tool can you use to paint pixel information from one part of the image to another?
  1. Which retouching tool do you use by drawing around the area to be repaired and the dragging that area to another part with similar texture?
  1. Using the color wheel of additive colors (light), what is the complement (opposite) of red?
  1. Using the color wheel of additive colors (light), what is the complement (opposite) of magenta?
  1. Using the color wheel of additive colors (light), what is the complement (opposite) of yellow?
  1. What are the primaries (colors) of white light?
  1. When equal intensities or brightness of the primaries of white light are in the same pixel, the pixel can be what?
  1. One way to correct perspective distortion can be accomplished by using what filter?
  1. Barrel distortion can be corrected by using what tool?
  1. What direction of light is good for enhancing the texture of an object?
  1. What kind of camera is suggested to learn more advanced photography concepts?
  1. What kind of camera is often used by photojournalists?
  1. What kind of camera is preferred by serious landscape photographers?
  1. What does the content of the image refer to?
  1. The term “form” can mean two ideas in art/photography.  What does the term “form” mean in the context of the overall composition?
  1. What kind of light source creates soft shadows and smooth transitions from highlight to shadow?
  1. What size of light source creates hard edge shadows and crisp transitions from highlights to shadows?
  1. The sun is an example of what kind of light source?
  1. What natural formations turn the sun into a large soft light?
  1. A small flashlight will always be a small light source?
  1. How can you turn a small light source into a larger source?
  1. How can you avoid mergers or tangents?
  1. In the context of digital photography, what does “mowing the lawn” mean?

Making a Contact Sheet

Objectives and Lessons:

Class information
Notebook Organization
Class Syllabus
J Drive Folder information
Final Test Study Guide
Design Elements
Design Elements 2
Design Elements 3
CompsitionForm and Content
Writing a Composition Report
Preparing for a Critique
Making a Contact Sheet Example
Understanding Pixels and Megapixels
Understanding Resolution
Using the Image Resize Dialogue Box
What is a Camera, Camera Obscura, Pinhole, SLR, Digital
Exposure-Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO
Point-and-Shoot Camera Settings…Taking ControlUnderstanding and Evaluating a Histogram
Aspect Ratios
JPGs, The Dirty Truth, and RAW files
Using Exposure Compensation
Avoiding Tangents and Other Distracting Elements
Hard and Soft Light Demonstration (KT Video)
Additive Color Wheel-Color Theory
Future Camera Choice


This contains lessons please one lesson a week


Wisdom, Part I: Acquire knowledge about God and His story

Bible, History, & Geography

Lesson 1: What does the Bible say about


photography? Read the following and discuss.

Leviticus 26:1, “Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the LORD your God.”

We are not to create images to worship; however, Ezekiel 4:1 says, “Now, son of man, take a clay tablet, put it in front of you and draw the city of Jerusalem on it.” This shows that art is to be used for God’s purposes.

God expects us to use a gift of art for His Glory. See 1 Kings 7:13-45 as an example. Huram was gifted in bronze work and created pomegranates, lilies, gourds, bulls, and lions to decorate the Temple. Photography is just another form of art which is to be used for God’s glory.

Lesson 2: How does photography fit into His story?

Learn the history of photography:

History Timeline of Photography. The art of photography began in 1839 with the Daguerreotype and continues today in many forms.

A History of Photography. Read how photography began.

Learn about the life and work of famous photographers. Pick two or three of the following photographers and research their life and work. Use Famous Person Report form if desired. See if you can discover what their relationship with God was and how it affected their work. Click on Significant People from A History of Photography site and any other resources you can find. Some other sites have been suggested below.

  • Louis Daguerre – Daguerreotype
  • William Henry Fox Talbot – Calotype
  • Frederick Scott Archer – Collodion process
  • Richard Maddox – Gelatin, dry process
  • William Henry Jackson & Carleton Eugene Watkins – Photos convinced Congress to set aside National Parks
  • William Hyde Wollaston – camera lucida
  • Adam Clark Vroman – Photography of Indian Missions
  • Peter Henry Emerson – First photos of ordinary scenes of everyday life
  • Paul Martin – First candid photography, concealed camera as pile of books or in a leather case
  • Alfred Stieglitz – Established photography as an art form (
  • Lewis Hine – First social photographer – Ellis Island immigrants, war-relief work, victims of the depression
  • Erich Salomon– Pioneered techniques of photojournalism, candid photos of diplomatic conferences, criminal trials, Supreme Court in session
  • Man Ray – mocked literal realism, used double exposure, photo montage, solarization, manipulation to express scorn for the world, Dadaism & Surrealism, Rayographs (put objects on photo paper and expose with light).
  • Lazlo Hoholy-Nagy – Avant-guard art, Academy of Radical Art, Design and Social Thinking
  • Dorothea Lange – Photograph of bread line in 1932 started her career, compassion
  • Paul Strand – people portraits
  • Edward Weston – Photographer of Hollywood stars, dancers, 1st photographer to receive Guggenhelm Fellowship, photographed American West, archetypal
  • Walker Evans – “world’s greatest expert at photographing empty rooms in houses and making them echo with the people who live there.”
  • W. Eugene Smith – “record events in a way that showed his own compassion for the joys and suffering of humanity.” Sense of mission, help increase people’s sympathy for fellow human beings, Depression, WWII heroism, the horror of modern warfare
  • Bill Brandt – Surreal photojournalist
  • Henry Cartier-Bresson – Most influential photographer of his generation, had a talent for remaining invisible to people he photographed (used black tape to cover metal shine on camera). Noted for great timing, photographing the “decision moment”
  • Ansel Adams – foremost photographer of the American land – particularly the West.
  • Minor White– Visual poems, a metaphor of something else, Introduced the “Sequence”
  • Harry Callahan – extreme tonal scales, designs in black and white
  • Yousuf Karsh – specialized in flawless portraits of famous men
  • Philippe Halsman – imaginative portraits of famous people (Albert Einstein, Adlai Stevenson made into stamps)
  • Irving Penn – America’s foremost fashion photographer, 1943 Vogue cover launched career
  • Ernst Haas – Noted for talent of photographing color, panning, intentional movement to mix color in background, underexposure
  • George Eastman – Invented “American Film”, camera came preloaded with film, you take shot, send camera back, they process and send camera back with new film in it. Invented a system. “you press the button, we do the rest”
  • James Clerk Maxwell – Additive colors
  • Louis Ducos du Hauron – Subtractive theory
  • Eadweard Muybridge – develops a fast shutter that aids him in making photographs of objects in motion

Wisdom, Part II: Acquire knowledge about God’s Creation

Lesson 3: Reading. Read a book about photography or a biography of a photographer.

Choose one or two of the following books, search the Photography Store, or use your library.

Lesson 4: Communication – Do an oral and written project on one or more of the following:

  • Select one famous photographer and write a biography or give an oral report.
  • Glossary – Research and write the definition of: Daguerreotype, Calotype, collodion process, f/64 Group, Camera Lucida, Camera Obscura, subtractive theory, wet plate process, tintype, color photography, panchromatic film, Kodachrome, archetypal
  • Visit a photo lab to see how film is developed and how enlargements are made. Write a paper or give an oral report on what you learned.
  • How are photos restored?
  • Learn the difference between film cameras versus digital camera. See Science below. Write a report or give an oral report.
  • Explain depth of field, film speed, and exposure. See Science below.
  • Create a list or database of community resources for photographers: stores, labs, courses, galleries
  • Make a list of camera equipment: tripod, lenses, filters, etc.


Lesson 5: Math

Lesson 6: Science


Lesson 7: Art

  • Pick a shape (triangle, square, circle) and take a series of photos of everything you can find that contains this shape. Mount as displays and then ask others if they can identify the theme.
  • Take four pictures that illustrate: shape, lines, rhythm, texture
  • Take a series of pictures based on a theme or idea: unusual architecture, flowers, reflections, circles, etc. and create a display.
  • Visit a photography studio
  • Attend a photography exhibit
  • Learn to frame and display photos.
  • Learn to analyze a photo.

Lesson 8: Music

  • Take pictures that represent these moods or feelings: happiness, loneliness, sadness, pride, fun, anger, confusion, boredom, fear.
  • Create a slide show with music to accompany the photos.


Stature: (Physical Development & Care of the Temple)


Lesson 9: Learn how photography can be used to improve health. Choose one or two activities.

  • Take a nature walk and shoot photos of what you see.
  • Shoot photos at a sports event – involves lots of walking!
  • Learn about photography careers in the medical field: Biomedical Photography
  • Learn about advertising and fashion photography. How does the knowledge of skin care, clothing, and food help in this area?


In Favor with God


Spiritual Growth, Doers of the Word, Stewardship


Lesson 10: Stewardship

  • Learn how to maintain, clean, and store your camera.

Lesson 11: Develop your God-given gift of photography, if applicable:

Practice portrait photography: Take a “head shot” of a friend
Ask to go along with a professional photographer as an “assistant” or even to just watch.
Create a portfolio.
Create a business card.
Careers: Fine Art, Portraits, Wedding, Commercial (Fashion & Advertising), Architectural, Sports, Newspaper, Forensic, Biomedical, Law, Travel, Public Relations
Select one of the photography careers that interests you and research it. Find out what type of work they do and what training is needed. If possible, ask to spend a couple of hours with them and perhaps develop this into an internship program.
Get a part-time job in a photo store or lab.

In Favor with Man


Serves the church, family, & community, hospitality [decor], crisis intervention [abortion, substance abuse], respect for life [adoption, eldercare, handicapped], biblical counseling

Lesson 12: How can photography be used in social issues and missions?

  • Take pictures that tell a story or that illustrate a book or poem. Prepare an exhibit of your photos.
  • Create a photo greeting card or calendar to send to shut in.


  • If you are involved in a homeschool organization that has a graduation and yearbook, get involved!


  • Photograph a community event and send it to your local chamber of commerce. Offer to let them use it in their brochures.


  • Offer to photograph a special event for a nonprofit organization (outreach project, mission trip, event,etc.)





Elective 1:

Psychology   :Introduction to Psychology

Study Journal cover

Elective 2:

Computer Science

Complete the Computer Skills and Literacy course during the first week.

(This is a short course that should last about 3 hours.)

Use the remaining weeks to complete Computer Science 1.Computer Skills and Literacy

Introduction to Computer Science 1

Study Journal cover

Sophomore Year

Supplies needed:

You will need loose-leaf notebook paper, dividers, and

binders to make your study journals, along with pens and

pencils for writing. Ideally, you will also have printer paper

and ink for the literature study guides, science lab activities,

and math practice worksheets, but you can read the

materials online and write your answers on notebook paper

if necessary.

You may find the literature novels at your local library or purchase them online.

If you have not already, you will need to create a free student account with Sailor.
You should also create a free account with Carnegie-Mellon University for your Biology and French courses.

Download the Sophomore Year Course Curriculum list here.

* Home-Economics

Week 1 First week of September

  1. Learn about major kitchen appliances
  2. learn about small kitchen appliances
  3. learn about safety in the kitchen 
  4. learn about first aid in the kitchen
  5. this weeks hands on lesson using the blender

week 2

  1. becoming a daughter of devotion
  2. common cooking terms
  3. cooking abbreviations and equivalents
  4. measuring accurately and choosing recipes
  5. This weeks hands on lesson using the food processor and oven—broiler

week 3

  1. practicing new skills
  2. Breakfast for a good start in the morning
  3.  Planning and preparing a breakfast meal
  4. hands on lesson making a breakfast meal
  5. read about how to properly air and make your bed in preparing for next week

week 4

  1. this weeks hands on lesson baking cookies
  2. lets organize your room
  3. lets deep clean your room
  4. becoming a daughter of order
  5. read 7 habits for highly effective teenagers—get from your local library if you want additional reading.

week 5

  1. How to chop vegetables
  2. this weeks hands on skill—making soup
  3. Why do onions make you cry?  Did this happen to you when you were chopping them up for soup? Learn what causes this and what you can do to prevent it.
  4. let’s try sculpting some pumpkins
  5. simple fall decorating ideas—-part of being a keeper of the home, is decorating and keeping it looking nice.  You want your home to be a haven for the family to come home to. Not something that has every inch covered with decorating items but something that says “Look, I care enough about my home to make it a beautiful place of rest for my family.”    Decorating can be fairly inexpensive, don’t just go to the store and buy something that you see you love.  Do some research, do a google on inexpensive fall decorating ideas.  Look at the thousands of ideas out there to make it part of your home.  As you grow in your years and you see a neat home decorating idea for the fall time, write it down and save it in a notebook.   Maybe you see it in a magazine or on a website,print it off to save for the future when maybe you will have a home to decorate.  Start a binder especially for this. (see week 8 ideas–binders)  You can also include favorite recipes and ideas that you will be collecting over the course of years to come.  By the time you are ready to start a home, you will have a multitude of ideas to use.

Week 6

  1. Becoming a daughter of delight
  2. this weeks hands on skill–quick breads or muffins
  3. How to wash dishes
  4. You will be starting some sewing projects this year.  Depending upon the level of training you have already had some of you maybe able to skip this step, but for others it is a basic introduction in how to use a sewing machine.  Click here for step by step pictures.  Or for visual learners here is a video to check out
  5. Read about how to sew an envelope slipcover for pillows.  You will need to choose some fabric this week in order to sew it next week.  Some of you may have some throw pillows lying around the house for this project, if not you can either buy pillow forms at craft stores or go to your local goodwill and buy a few and throw them in your washer.  It doesn’t matter what they look like because you are going to change the cover anyways.
  6. Jump ahead to week 10 and 12 read #1.  If you choose to do these projects, start looking for photos over the next week and have them printed off, so that you may have them in time for your project.

week 7

  1. This week you are going to sew your pillow slip covers.   sewing your envelope slipcover for pillows
  2. Before bread baking, learn how to clean it up
  3. This weeks hands on kitchen skill–baking bread
  4. Learning how to vacuum–yes this may sound easy, but read it anyways, may be a part you have failed to do.
  5. Learn how to maintain a vacuum and read about the dirtiest things you touch everyday and notice #15

week 8

  1.  becoming a daughter of wisdom
  2. Read how to make a household binder
  3. This weeks hands on skill cinnamon sticks
  4. let’s learn some table manners
  5. Need some conversation starters for your dinners keep these handy

Week 9

  1. this weeks hands on skill chili and cornbread
  2. read how to properly do the laundry.  In a few weeks you will learn more about properly folding your laundry.
  3. read how to take stains out naturally
  4. Learn and make some homemade laundry soap
  5. Learn how to properly set a table

week 10

  1. Do you or your family have a bunch of photos that are just sitting in a box?  Why not make an inexpensive photo collage with them.  This you will probably have to start after you get all your supplies.  Get a list of what you need so that when you goto the store, you can be sure to get them.  Need to order some prints?  Ask your parent beforehand and find an online store to get them printed at.   Walmart does them for around 9 cents a photo.  You upload your photos and then you can either pick them up or have them shipped to your home.  This is a great Life Skill in dealing with a business.
  2. this weeks hands on skill stuffed pizza shells
  3. Since we are getting close to Thanksgiving, why not do a little research, maybe look for some recipes to try, or maybe some neat decorating ideas. Try pinterest online and search “thanksgiving ideas”.   Add these ideas to your Evernote notebook or print them off and put in your household binder, under the tab “holidays”
  4. becoming a daughter of beauty part 1–read the ugly side of beauty
  5. Here are 27 different ways to fold a cloth napkin.  It brings a sense of elegance to your table when you have the napkins, folded nicely.  Learn one of these ways to add to your table.  Even if you don’t use cloth you can use these with paper napkins as well, it will be smaller and a little more difficult but still manageable.  The fan fold is an easy one to learn

week 11

  1. We are going to continue our Thanksgiving ideas search this week.  Look for a dish and a dessert that you can make for your Thanksgiving meal.  Be sure to ask your parent if it is okay for you to make it.
  2.  Continue working on your photo collages if you are not already done with them.
  3. Read 21 days to a more natural home series part 1-7
  4. Read about making a salad and how to wash the vegetables properly
  5. This weeks hands on skill–making a leafy salad

week 12

  1. This week you are going to purchase your ingredients for your Thanksgiving meal dish and dessert.  Check your pantry beforehand and see what items you need to purchase to make your dish and dessert.  Then make a list and let your parent know that you need to buy these ingredients.  If your list is fairly large make it according to the isles of the store.   That way when you are shopping you don’t have to jump from isle to isle and go back a bunch of times.  Think store brand on most of your foods, they usually taste about the same at  a fraction of the cost.  We will learn more about shopping later on this year.
  2. The holidays are coming up quick.  Why not get a jump start on making some gifts for someone.  These picture tiles are inexpensive and make great gifts.   If you are going to make these, make a list of the items you need for your next shopping trip.  Upload your photos to an online printer, like Walmart and have them shipped to your home.
  3. becoming a daughter of beauty part 2
  4. learn how to properly fold towels
  5. read how to properly fold clothing, Here is another way to a fold  tshirt.  It says it can be folded in 2 seconds, might be worth learning.  It looks like the way it is folded in a store.

week 13 Thanksgiving

  1. read 21 days to a more natural home series part 8-14
  2. becoming a daughter of beauty part 3
  3. this weeks hands on skills making your dish and dessert for Thanksgiving
  4. remember your practicing new skills when making your food

week 14

  1. finish reading 21 days to a more natural home series part 15-21
  2. This weeks hands on activity–sewing— making an apron.  These are super easy,claiming to make 1 in about a 1/2 hour.  There are 2 different projects to choose from, decide which one you would like to make or try both. Tea towel apron or a simple apron.  This one has a ruffle at the bottom, if you are not accustomed to sewing yet, just leave that part of, she even recommends that.
  3. this weeks hands on skill  soup and bread making.  Remember in week 5 I said you would be making soup again, the time is now.  Choose another recipe or find your own online.  You will be baking some bread too.  You can use the same one you had done before or try some Eziekel bread.  Remember how to clean up bread dough, for ease of cleaning.
  4. Have you thought much about how bad the cleaners are that we use in our home?   With your mother’s permission, see if she will allow you to try 1 or 2 all natural recipes from the 21 days to a more natural home.  Try them and use them for a week, see if you notice a difference than using chemical kind.
  5. If you enjoyed sewing your aprons, think of someone else whom you could make some for,for the holidays.

week 15

  1. This week start looking up Christmas decoration and food ideas.  Place them in your binder.  See if there are any that you would like to make to help decorate your home.
  2. becoming a sister of love
  3. this weeks hands on skills crockpot cooking
  4. We are going to focus on gift giving over the next couple of weeks.  I have a list of 15 homemade inexpensive gifts that you can make.  Or maybe you found one on your own while looking up Christmas decorations and food ideas.

Week 16

  1. Lets choose and make another crockpot dish this week
  2. Lets continue working on our homemade gifts for someone else.

week 17 Christmas

no classes this week

week 18 New years

no classes this week

Week 19

  1. read tips for planning meals
  2. lots of sandwich ideas here —choose one or two for your lunch meal
  3. this weeks hands on skill--putting it into practice making a lunch
  4. learn how to properly dust
  5. learn how to properly wash a window –going to need a good quality squeegee.  Or you can try to  wash it with newspaper and all natural cleaner

Week 20

  1.  Read all you will ever need to know about bread making part 1
  2. Read all you will ever need to know about bread making part 2
  3. This weeks hands on skill breads
  4. This weeks hands on skill crockpot cooking–choose another recipe and make it this week
  5. Learn how to properly sweep a floor, make sure to read the tips section

Week 21

  1. How to plan your dinner menu
  2. Choosing  a menu for dinner
  3. making your meal this week, after you have all of your ingredients make your meal for your family and friends.
  4. read how to deep clean a bathroom  somethings to consider after deep cleaning the surfaces of the bathroom are removing the hair off of brushes on a weekly basis and washing them along with your combs in an all natural cleaning solution.  You can soak them in a bowl of hot water and 2 Tablespoons of solution.  Let them soak for 1/2 hour while you go about cleaning up.
  5. how to dress modestly in an immodest world    also  check this blog out from fresh modesty.  Each week she posts pictures of her clothing that she wears, and it is cute.  Modest dressing in a young cool fashion way.   This is an excerpt from her about page:

Isn’t it conflicting for a girl who claims to be modest to post 500 pictures of herself on the internet? At first glance, yes, it is. I struggle with this, and try to encourage my readers in the most humble way possible. I realize that real-life examples are sometimes hard to find, as well as practical, real tips for actual living in modest clothes. I’ve found posting pictures of what I’m wearing to be the easiest, most effective way to do this. I welcome critiques, challenges, and different perspectives. I hope that you will see my heart in this and take it for what it is. I do this for y’all.

Week 22

  1. becoming a daughter of discernment part 1
  2. this weeks hands on skill choose a  sewing project
  3. read about quick-fix meals and why you should  know about them
  4. 2nd this weeks hands on skill making a quick dinner
  5. goto and read The Top 10 Things Girls Should Study (But Rarely Do)

Week 23

  1. plan a meal this week from week 21, just make the main entree and the sides or choose your own ideas.
  2. Nutrition information
  3. Learn about drink choices
  4. check out this site, it has a visual of how much sugar is really in the things that we eat.  Click through the different products to see how much “hidden” sugar you actually consume in different foods.
  5. Read the Proverbs 31 daughter from altogether separate

Week 24

  1. becoming a daughter of discernment part 2
  2. this weeks hands on skills making a quick meal
  3. learn some basic cupcake decorating, you can save some of these ideas in your binder or Evernote
  4. this weeks hands  on lesson making cupcakes-choose from your cupcake decorating page
  5. Read another Proverbs 31 daughter from stay at home daughters

Week 25

  1. learn about first aid part 1 and learn about first aid part 2
  2. take a quiz about what you learned
  3. This week take another cupcake idea and make some
  4. Lets learn how to wash the kitchen floors
  5. this weeks hands on meal make a soup and garlic parmesan bread sticks for  dinner choose from the links or make your own recipes.  If you have extra bread dough make some cinnamon sticks for the next days snack

Week 26

  1. Lets learn how to be prepared by making an overnight breakfast
  2. Lets learn about safe chicken handling tips
  3. lets learn the different chicken cuts
  4. lets plan and prepare a chicken meal
  5. we are going to learn calligraphy writing.  Click here for basic supply needs

Week 27

  1. Bless your Mother this week by making another overnight breakfast
  2. Make a soup and breadstick meal this week
  3. do lesson 1,2, and 3 in calligraphy writing, click on the link
  4. do lesson 4,5, and 6 in calligraphy writing, click on the link
  5. becoming a daughter of service part 1

Week 28

  1. becoming a daughter of service part 2
  2. do lesson 7,8, and 9 in calligraphy writing, click on the link
  3. make another lunch  this week–choose from these sandwiches
  4. learn how to make hardboiled eggs, then make some deviled eggs for a side for dinner
  5. make a quick fix meal this week

Week 29

  1. continue on practicing your calligraphy there are many different lessons to explore
  2. lets make a chicken meal
  3. as a resourceful woman we don’t  need to run to the store for everything and that includes beauty products.  Click here for 50 all natural products you can make
  4. if you would like to advance your sewing skills you can try your hand at sewing from a pattern.  click here for information how to sew using a pattern.  When you are finished,  click here to view how to read a pattern. If you have decided to sew something,  take a trip to your local fabric store or if your Walmart has a section visit that.  Look through the patterns and find something you would like to sew.  I recommend Simplicity its so easy series, you want something that is basic and going to be somewhat stress free.  Choose a dress or skirt. Nothing with buttons, or zippers.    You can always adapt the pattern and make the dresses longer if needed.  Be careful when choosing knit materials they are stretchy and unless your sewing machine is equipped with a special needle it will be hard to sew this without stretching it.  Choose cotton material and wash and dry it before you cut out your pattern.
  5. Make another pie this week for your family

Week 30

  1. lets learn about ground beef food safety
  2. learn how to buy and store ground beef.  Help yourself save hours in the kitchen by cooking your hamburger and then storing it in the freezer.
  3. Lets make a meal with ground beef
  4. How to make hardboiled eggs in the oven–a new easier way–try it today
  5. work on your sewing, calligraphy, or filling your household binder with ideas.

week 31

  1. becoming a daughter of honor part1
  2. games to keep children occupied–you never know when you will be put into a situation that you will need this list.
  3. This weeks hands on skill choose a chicken dinner to make
  4. some things you should know
  5. make another breakfast casserole for the weekend

week 32

  1. becoming a daughter of honor part 2
  2. all you will ever need to know about cookies
  3. this weeks hands on skill cookie and bar recipes
  4. information on how to store vegetables and fruits
  5. this weeks 2nd hands on skill, bless your household by making dinner TWICE this week

week 33

  1. becoming a daughter of honor part 3
  2. make a ground beef meal this week
  3. as God’s daughters we are not to be vain, but as wives we are called to a higher beauty.  Sometimes when we take photos of ourselves we find that they don’t turn out right.  here is an article that will help you take picture perfect poses each time.  Remember our focus is not about how great we look all the time, but knowing how to look our best is a good thing to know.
  4. Make either a cookie, cupcake, muffin, or pie recipe this week for your family
  5. here is a tutorial about changing a diaper, many of you may already be very familiar with it, even if you are, read the other tips included in the post.

Week 34

  1. how to wrap a gift beautifully and click here to view some great gift wrapping ideas
  2. Here is a check list to help you “measure” your life.  It is long, about 50 pages but it has much information.  Even if you don’t want to take and “grade” it , I would encourage you to go through the list and write down any areas that you feel you need to work on as a young woman of God.
  3. This week choose to make 2 dinner meals for your family, look back on some ideas in your curriculum or research and find your own recipes.
  4. car know how tips
  5. basic survival skills

Week 35

  1. How to make a comfort meal
  2. all you ever need to know about cakes part 1
  3. all you ever need to know about cakes part 2
  4. Lets bake a cake and decorate it
  5. Make dinner TWICE this week

Week 36

  1. Make a BBQ dinner
  2. Make a frozen dessert
  3. Lets learn about planning a garden
  4. Make a second dinner this week from any of the recipes you have already worked through
  5. sometimes you may be out of a certain ingredient click here to view some common ingredient substitutions.

Week 37

  1. Planning a fun family night
  2. Creating a snack night–menu
  3. Some basic household maintenance
  4. Make a dinner for your family TWICE this week
  5. Make a cake from your cake lesson

Week 38

  1. Make dinner Twice this week
  2. Make an overnight breakfast casserole this week
  3. doing your best
  4. wrap up


Sophomore English

Begin each quarter spending 2 weeks reading your novel and

completing the

activities included with the study guides.

Finish your novel study with a book report.

Use the remaining weeks of each quarter to complete the

lessons of the

English course

. You should also spend at least 2 hours a week in “free”


using novels and non-fiction books of your choice.

(Be sure to record all reading materials on your Reading 


Grammar & Composition – English Composition 1

Literature –

1st Quarter: To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

(Study Guide)

2nd Quarter: The Red Badge of Courage,

by Stephen Crane (Study Guide)


3rd Quarter: A Separate Peace, by John Knowles (Study Guide)


4th Quarter: My Antonia, by Willa Cather (Study Guide)Study Journal cover



Complete the lessons for the Geometry course.

Use the worksheets

for additional practice in any topics or concepts that you

need.  Geometry

Practice worksheets

Study Journal cover




Complete the lessons and activities for the course,

and choose at least 16 of the virtual lab activities.

(You may do 8 labs a semester, or

divide the work in any way that fits your schedule.)

Introduction to Biology

Virtual Labs

Study Journal cover


US History II, Introduction to United States History:

Reconstruction to the Present

Study Journal cover

Elective 1:

American Government,

1 semester:  Introduction to American Politics

Study Journal cover


Elective 2:

Economics, 1 semester :Principles of Microeconomics

Study Journal cover

Elective 3:

French 1 Elementary French 1

Study Journal cover